Sunday, June 17, 2018

Grammatical Misstep Pardoned

The Little Princess That Could

Denver if You Dare... Denver Dabblings Part II

So many roles open in the never ending and always twisted drama of the ERC here in the heart of Denver...the city that... fill in the blank. Never sleeps? No, Denver surely sumbers. Is Windy? Nope, no polititians of whom to speak nor strong breezes to feel. Denver, the city that...eats, perhaps? Crunches? It is quite the crunchy granola town here, minus the nail salons and such. The city that... alas, I forfeit my silly game of mad hatter and madder maddest libs.

But as usual, I digress.

So many open roles in this genre-less play of life and less-than such. The casting call remains incessantly and neverendingly open. Come on over, the door is er, well, it's locked but open in spirit I muse. The brickishly heavy door is open for staff of all colors, shapes, dispositions and egos. The cafe is open for all who lust to eat...religious and not, female and not, west coast, east coast, middle and up, seventeen, nineteen, fifty or more. Come on over, come on in, join the scene and welcome in, it's a festive six a day party!

Sarcasm, snarkasm, sassiness, too. Don't miss out, it's up to you. 

Report to duty, report to eat, report to sleep, it can't be beat.

Trust me here and trust me so, and if you're not sure you need it, don't say no.

Treatment is harsh, can eat you alive, can lick your soul once, twice or five.

But if you give up, if you trust the process not, you can't find out what you've really got.

For what's in your soul and what's in your heart, it's all stuck in there until you start.

Start your process and your journey alike, for until you do, it's the worst kind of psych.

Trust me for real, for I know from my life, that life is not life without pain or strife.

We struggle, we eat, we breathe, we cry, but a lack of all of these is reason to die.

Open your heart, Madonna once sang, how right she was, open your life with a bang.

Open your mind and open your soul, let out your darkness, the light makes you whole.

The spirit is gentle, but it isn't immortal, hold it in your heart, be gracious and cordial.

We must treat ourselves like we treat our best friends, like we treat our mothers and daughters, love to the end.

I'll say it again and I'll say it with gust, if you question your needs, I tell you, you must.

We have one life to live, but many paths to trod, there's always time to change the road you're on.

Led Zeppelin sings to look to the west, to change your path to the one that's your best.

I know a lot of things but what I know for sure, don't ever look back, it's forward that's the cure.