Thursday, July 31, 2014

Summer Screenings

Now that it's practically August already (yeesh, how in the world did that even happen?!). it's come to my sobering attention that I have been remiss to write a single review of anything all summer! Well, if we're counting Broadway in there, aka my "On Hedwig" piece, then I suppose I did one. Yes, one measly little bitty review. So weak.

So that said, I thought I would take this opportunity to review a few TV shows, films (made for TV and otherwise), and such that I have viewed during these past few months. In the spirit of composing snackable content, these reviews will be concise and to the point. If you're in the market for lengthier reviews, look elsewhere this time, a la Rotten Tomatoes and the likes. Note: that is in no way an endorsement for Rotten Tomatoes and no, I have never written for them. Glad we got that off the table. K, well, here goes.

1. Sister Wives. Season 5. TLC.
If you are not a fan of watching a quirky polygamous family of twenty-something live out their totally-unrelatable-to-the-mainstream lives, then clearly you should not have watched Season 5 of Sister Wives. Or any season for that matter. But if you're still reading this, then I'll assume you're already somewhat not closed to the show as a whole. In any case, Season 5 was certainly not my favorite thus far of the series, that I'll say. During this fifth season, we got, as usual, drama from my least favorite wife, Meri, tension between Robyn and er, everyone, and actually interestingly, a look at the younger kids generation. That last part was new and interesting but honestly, the rest of it was just kind of... meh. Suffice to say, I cannot stand Meri. She irks and annoys me and I swear, if I see one more tear from that grown ass woman, I will boycott TLC forevermore. Well, no I won't, but I'll stick with it for drama's sake. Anyway, so as to avoid too many spoilers, I'll conclude by saying this season o'polygs did pale IMO compared to seasons passed. Grade: B

2. The Normal Heart. HBO.
Brilliant made-for-HBO-based-on-real-life film. What a beautifully done TV remake of Larry Kramer's 1985 stage play look at early 80's gay/AIDS America. Watching The Normal Heart was, for me, a deja vu to earlier viewing days of And The Band Played On, the film adaptation of the book by the same name, and on the same subject. Both films delve into the early days of what we of course now know as AIDS but back then introduced as the offensively named "gay cancer"and the community and country at large's reactions to this horrifying new disease. But above the scientific disease discovery, what lies at the heart of this film are two other stories: that of activism and that of love. With an ensemble of characters perfectly cast to their roles, including Mark Ruffalo as lead role Ned Weeks, Jim Parsons, Julia Roberts and Matt Bomer, and a compelling storyline, The Normal Heart drew me in from minute 1 and I recommend this film to anyone who has a heart. No pun intended. Grade: A-

3. Elena Undone. Netflix.
A film I stumbled upon during a few spare what-do-I-watch moments. What can I say about this movie other than a beautiful story of love, fate, and truth. The way a review reads in words does no justice to the way the film views on screen and in the heart. EU peers into the lives of one bored woman married to a reverend and another quite single lesbian loner-slash-writer. Two completely different worlds that become somehow completely combined. I endeavor not to spoil this lovely film here so I will leave it at this for the moment. If you are looking for something to restore your faith in love and fate, direct your Netflix to Elena Undone. Seriously. I promise you won't regret it. Grade: A

4. Orange is the New Black. Season 2. Netflix.
Piper. Tasty. Vee. Pousee (hehe, I always laugh at that one). Red. Vee again. ALEXXXXX. The back stories. The drama. The insanity. Yes please. Is that enough? Uh, if you really thought I was going to delve into my full OITNB review piece within a non-dedicated blog post, think again, Bunnies. Come on now. Grade: A PLUS!!! (As if you really needed to ask).

Check back tomorrow or this weekend for my OITNB S2 dedicated review/analysis. Until then, grab that remote, chill out and check out one of the above.

Bon soir, Buns!


For the Grammar Police in all of us

Courtesy of TIME Magazine.

Heed these words, people, and remain vigilant of judgment if you do not... drumroll.

TIME, the writer and grammar girl in me thanks you immensely.

Snarky Slogan Fest courtesy of Thought Catalog

As an ad gal, there is no possible way to not completely LOVE this. Thanks, Thought Catalog. Clever composition and spot on.

Check me out on SheKnows Entertainment... soon!

Bonjour Bunnies!

Je suis heureuse de... meh, not much in a parler-en-francais mood at the moment come to think of it.

Anyhoo, Buns, just a quick in-and-out post to say hello, happy almost-weekend, and to share a minor tidbit of news.

I'm pleased to report that starting some point next week, in addition to B-loguing, I will be a weekly contributor to SheKnows Entertainment! Yes, indeed. In apropos RBuns fashion, I will be writing about goings-on in the social media sphere, trending topics, and news that may go viral ('cause, you know, I can see into the future and stuff). And, get this part. I will also be watching movies from the old days... er, the 80's/90's (cue an I-am-old sigh)... and writing modern-day reviews on them. How fun is that?!

So, yeah. I will report back with my official first-post-date and link soon but thought I would share the exciting news in the meanwhile. Here's a link to my bio and where my soon-to-be-written articles will live on SK:

Cheers to writing, blogging, and to the things (other than our day jobs) that make us happy.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Mon Mercredi

Bonjour, mes petits lapins...encore une fois!

Je n'ai pas beaucoup de nouvelles aujourd'jui. C'est triste, je sais. Mais...mais! Je suis heureuse de reporter que j'ai une date ce soir! Oui oui, une date! L'idee de faire les rencontres maintenant, c'est un peu effrayant. C'est quelque chose avec qui je ne suis pas trop comfortable a ce moment ci. Mais, parce que je suis tout seule maintenant (ce n'est bad trop mal, ne vous inquietez pas), je pense que je dois l'essayer. Oui? Oui.

Alors, c'est ca.

Qu'est-ce que vous faites ce soir, lapins? Dites-moi, dites-moi!

Bon, c'est l'heure pour moi de partir l'office. Salut! A demain!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Bon weekend!

Bon matin, mes petits lapins!

Oui, c'est vrai, ce n'est pas anglais ici. Peut-etre vous etes un peu confondu, n'est-ce pas? Je sais, je sais. Ne vous inquietez pas pour le moment, je vais expliquer.

Dans trois semaines, pendant la premiere semaine d'aout, ma maman et moi, nous allons voyager a Montreal! Oui, c'est tres chouette et je suis tres excite. A Montreal, les langues dominantes sont anglais et francais mais parce que je parlais francais quand j'etais jeune, je veux parler francais a Montreal. Je ne jamais prefere l'anglais sur le francais. :)

Alors, maintentant et pendant les semaines prochaines, j'etudie encore le francais.  Oui, c'est vrai. Je regarde les films francais, j'ecoute les conversations francais au radio et aussi, je lis les articles en francais au internet. C'est beaucoup de francais, je sais, mais je pense que ceci est la meieurre facon de parler courrament la langue. N'est-ce pas?

Bon, c'est tout pour le moment. Maintenant, je vais aller au gym et apres ca, je vais faire un peu du shopping! C'est un si bon dimanche pour moi.

Salut, lapins!

Monday, July 7, 2014


Okay, whoa, I'm really going nutto here with the posts. Watch out kids. I suppose I am making up for lost b-loguing time.

So, today during my morning-off-work-appointment-going, I spotted someone famous, fabulous, fierce, and fucking fashionable as... uh, fuck? Jesus with the alliteration, I swear it will stop soon. But yes, indeed, I did see a celebrity on my midtown stretch of land this morning. And this was not just any celeb, this was the incomparable fashion-maven ANNA WINTOUR!!!!!!!! Kid I do not, tease on this topic I would never. I have blogged about my admiration for this fabulous woman before and I am certain I will do it again. And this morning, on my quaint modest little foreigner-filled block, there walked this remarkable (and tiny!) little woman. I could spot that perfect blonde bang bob from miles away. This was Ms. Wintour without any shadow of a doubt. I froze. But then unfroze just enough to snap a paparazzi-photog-esque photo.

Sporting skinny white pants, a black seeming cartigan and, of COURSE, none other than a divine Chanel Jumbo (I think it was the Classic flap bag), there she walked down 48th Street. Her bob was in immaculate shape as expected and caught my even-uncaffeinated eye.

Suffice to say, my morning was made.  Merci, Ms. Wintour.


Broadway Babies

In the spirit of being back-to-blogging, I thought I'd bring back an old favorite of mine: the LIST!

Okay. So. In addition to getting "Back to Bunny" in recent days, I have also made one giant step BACK INTO BROADWAY! Yes, that's right, kids. Back. In the span of several weeks, I saw two fabulous shows, one of which about I already shared a dedicated blog post... Hedwig herself. Then, a couple weeks after that marvelous experience, I had the privilege of seeing Aladdin on Broadway, and I must say, while I am certainly not a Disney gal myself, did quite enjoy. It was a feast for the eyes, a picnic for the ears, and an all-around good old fashioned childhood throwback. Plus, you know, seeing it in the company of my twenty-something-going-on-seven coworkers, added to the joy.

Now that I am in the Broadway mode, I am fiending, yes, that's right, fiending (!!) to see lots more shows. More, more, more!! I want more!! Okay, my whiny child-self is done for the moment. Wah. But in all seriousness, I am now making a list, checking it twice (whoopsies, it's summer, not Xmas, silly bunny) and taking a poll on the next show I should be seeing. Even though, ya know, I already have my mind made up. To quote a super-snarky e-card I recently stumbled upon, "I would like to ask your opinion on something and then stick with my decision regardless of your feedback." Touche. ;)

So here goes. in priority order of the shows I think I would like to see next but on which I am looking for confirmation:

1. Beautiful. I mean, honestly, who doesn't love them some Carole King, right?

2. Hedwig... again. 'Cause I'm cray like that. Although, if it's a Hedwig without an NPH, who knows how that will go.

3. Cabaret. While I did see this fabulously flamboyant show with my divine mother back in the days of my teenage-dom, I feel I would enjoy it much more thoroughly in my adult days.

4. The Book of Mormon. I think I wrote this same sentence a year plus ago but I'll say it again. I know how very shameful it is for a Broadway-loving baby like me to not have seen this epic production. Definitely not winning on that one.

5. If/Then. While I have heard some very meh reviews on this show from some trustworthy sources (Ahem, work ladies), I still ascertain any show with the lovely Ms. Menzel couldn't really be all thattt bad, right?

6. Kinky Boots...again. Because, again, I'm cray like that. And I fucking flipped over this fabulous flick. (Okay, maybe that last f-word didn't quite work there but I seem to be stuck on alliteration this week so oh well!). Ain't nothing better to me than a love-yourself-because-you-are-you gay drag show, right? Right!

7. Once. Meh, I think I felt obligated to include this on the list just because, uh, I don't know why really. Should I or shouldn't I?

Okay, that seems to be all that's occupying my theater wishlist at this current moment. Have a read, have a ponder, and let me know your thoughts?

Till next time... Broadway wishes and theater dreams. :)

On Life

I am really happy to be writing again. Going back to something you love after taking an unintended leave of absence is a soulful experience. It brings you back. It warms your spirit, connects with your lets you really do you. And sometimes, isn't that precisely what we all need? Well, I think so.

This is not going to be an overly verbose or lengthy post since what I have to posit is actually quite concise for once. I think what I wish to share today is just this bit of wisdom that I myself have learned in the recent months, or more accurately actually, weeks. Brace yourself because this is a minor departure from my normally snarky tone but I am feeling a bit philosophical this morning. I have learned that life is not always what you think it is going to be. The road is not always a straight one (and no, I mean no double entendre here despite what you may think), in fact sometimes, it curves and then reaches a totally unexpected dead end right when you think you have found your way back. The streets can be rocky, the trails unmarked and the signs all faded along the way. It happens. And you can find yourself just standing there. Alone. A little lost. Thinking, where am I? Now what?

It happens. It happened. To me. And while I am still there and still sort of trying to find my way proverbial way back, not to the starting point but to a different midway point, I am learning as I go. The unknown is scary, blurry, and oftentimes harsh. But it can also be enlightening if you let it. Not knowing where you are, not knowing what or who comes next or how to figure that out is something we can all learn to embrace. And I am finding that if we remember to continually "do us", to hold onto what remains in our cores, it makes the unknown foggy road just a touch clearer. At least for me and for now.

Take this metaphorical lofty life waxing for what you will. It won't happen again soon. But this is how I feel and that much I know is true.

Summer Swimmy Favorite... A Hidden Gem

It's Monday... and it's HOT here in NYC. Woosh. Holy heat!

It was hot yesterday too, and single New York City me found myself with an overwhelming craving to do nothing other than jump in a POOL. Good riddance, right? Well, unfortunately, that mission is not as easily accomplishable here in the marvelous mecca of Manhattan. (Uh oh, I am going to curb the alliteration before it spins out of control again today. Promise.) So, difficult though the task was, I decided it was necessary. And if anyone knows me, you know that if I set my mind to something, it must be done. 

Ah yes, the wonderous powers of Google. Sitting in my apt sweating my you-know-whats-off after a river run, I began my mission. Let's go, Google. Show me what you got. "Free pools in NYC." Ick -- that did NOT pan out too well.  I stumbled upon pictures of public pools ridden with so many children in them I couldn't even see any blue in the photos! Uh, pass. Moving on. "Hotel pools in NYC." Ha, three hits... all of which are elite socialite spots in Meatpacking. Meh, too lofty for today. Okay, one last try. "Day passes to private pools in NYC." Surely this must turn up better results... right?? Please? Thankfully, that answer turned out to be yes. After calling two private pool facilities that sternly turned down my offer to pay to use the pool for a day since it was a "summer weekend", I finally received an affirmative answer on my third try.

A day pass to Asphalt Green, a little (er actually not so little), gem on the upper east side, costs $35. And let me just say, this was the best $35 I have spent this summer to date. This day pass granted me access to what could be the largest swimming pool I have ever seen... like, not just in the city, ever. While the pool itself was indoors, the best part of my 5-hour day-at-the-Green was spent not in the pool but on the magnificent and sparsely populated rooftop terrace. Seriously, kids, a resounding wow on this fifth story terrace from this girl. 

Suffice to say, this rooftop is truly glorious. It is absolutely enormous, immaculately clean, not crowded (well, at least yesterday), and with the most breathtaking river views I've seen. I spent a good four hours up there... probably the most peace I have had for a stretch. I sunned, I read, I chatted, and perhaps most notable of all, I really breathed. All in all, I had me some good fun in the sun. 

Net -- if you're looking for a little retreat without traveling too far from the city, check out Asphalt Green. Perhaps I shouldn't be giving away my secrets but lucky for you all, I'm in a sharing kind of mood. Sharing is caring, right? ;) Take it from this picky gal, you will not miss those $35 but if you don't go, you definitely will miss out. And for the record and your viewing pleasure, check out my sunny bunny rooftop shots.


And if you do check it out, be sure to report back with your thoughts and experience.



Sunday, July 6, 2014

Summer Favorites

Morning Buns!

Hope you all are having a swell Sunday, a super summer, and a sweet... uh, I can't think of another catchy s-alliteration right now. Phew, I know. So, yeah! Here I am on this lovely last-day-of-the-weekend morning, relishing the last twenty-something hours of not working till the rat race starts all over again soon. Wah wah. Poor me. Give you a break, right? I know.

But yeah. Yet again, blogging, writing, grammar-ing, and such have yet again escaped me as of late. I don't know what the problem is -- summer and such have drawn me away from the keyboard, I suppose. The sun will do that. Although, I do need quite a bit more sun if I am being honest. I'm just a small notch below ghostly still, and we're already into July! Yeesh. Must. Change. That.

Okay, in any case, let's progress. A couple posts ago, I dipped my well-pedicured toe into the waters of fashion blogging. Ahem, I thought that was a nice transition, yeah? And actually, scary as those waters were, I quite liked them. So, I am going to give the fashion/beauty/product thing a go one more time here. Why not, right?

Over the last few weeks, I have acquired (a nice euphemism for bought) a few items that I am enjoying... some fashion, some beauty, some, uh, random I suppose, and figured I would share my thoughts with y'all.

First, despite not typically being much of a perfume kinda gal in the past, I decided to change that this month. The first perfume, or eau de something if we're being technical, I picked up was the one on the left below, is Vicky's Secret Angel. Yeah, I know what you're thinking, am I twelve? I thought the same thing, however, I MUST say that this fragrant little gem is just that. It's a mist of freshness, perfect for post-summer-day showers or city nights, and it's bringing me immense sensory satisfaction right now. Again with the alliteration. Weh.
Okay, so the second fabulous fragrance to enter my life was yet another teenybopper-ish one that I am loathe to say I am loving. Vera Wang Pink Princess. Yes, the bottle is a literal glitter-ridden pink heart (and the damn glitter is getting all over my apartment too) and yes, it sure looks like something with which your pre-pubescent niece might adorn her pink teenager room. But, once I embraced an I-won't-judge-this-bottle-by-its-cover and smelled the loveliness inside, I decided to seal the deal. Must. Purchase. VWPP is a richer perfume than VSA with undertones of, uh, I don't know, something good? I just decided whilst typing that the idea of trying to be a perfum-o (get it, like a wine-o?!) was rather silly given I know absolutely nothing about perfume chemistry. But in summary, both of these two fragrances have entered my summer life and I'm glad they did.

What other non-sensory things have I been digging lately? Hmm. Oh, right. Glasses as accessories!
Well, I mean, needed accessories that is. If any of you know me, you know I am, ahem, kinda blind. It's sad, really, but now you know that if I see you and don't say hi, it's not me being a bitch.
Promise. And it's not resting bitch face either or anything like that, it's just that sans specs, the chances of me seeing you are pretty fat. So, yeah!
Since a few months ago, I've treated myself to two fabulous new pairs of glasses. See photo to right. The black Gucci's on the right were my go-to's for a stretch until I decided to mix it up a bit. Variety is the spice of ... seeing? Does that work? Okay, so now, much like I accessorize outfits with various handbags and jewelry, I do the same with specs! The black ones I mentioned just now are Gucci plastic, those kinda lavendar, kinda pink, kinda clear ones with leopard edges are Ralph Lauren, and those oversize faded brown ones on top are actually from a designer previously unbeknownst to me, Scott Harris. I possess equal love for all three pairs, look to them (no pun intended) for different purposes and would be lost without them. Literally.

This blog post is getting way long so I think I'll cap this one off for now. Seems both my summer favorites do indeed involve senses... AND go along with my horribly cheesy alliteration theme. Seeing and smelling in the summer! Wow, this is making my stomach churn. Sorry, buns. Anyway, that's what I got for now. Hope you all have some faves yourself as well and I will be back soon with a few more of my own.