Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Happiness-causing items of late

1. Barbra Streisand is BACK!! That's right, after nearly 15 years out of the TV circuit (or some lofty
quote like that), the magnificent Babs is finally here again. She's here. She's front and center. She's singing. She's interviewing. She's in the news. And I absolutely fucking love it. Welcome back, Babs!

2. Fall weather. Ahhhh, yes. At last, the return of the most refreshingly glorious season of the year is here. So many things are wonderful about fall. The disgusting summer humidity bids adieu and hair is once again able to look presentable. Walking to work becomes not a disgusting sweaty mess but rather a crisp and brisk wake up call. Blazers rear their heads again. Leather jackets resurface. Red wine is appealing again. Overpriced iced coffee is no longer a mandate. PUMPKIN SPICE LATTES return. It's a season full of wonder and wonderment, a season of new shoes, new shows, new clothes and new beginnings. Yes, autumn, I am glad you are back and hope you stick around longer than usual this year. Cheers to you.

3. New Apple proudcts. I love technology. I am a tech snob. A whore of all things Apple. The worst kind of whore there is. I tire of owning the same devices, the same technological interfaces bore me, and I long for innovation from the fruitiest of fruity tech companies on a consistent basis. But sadly, those times are few and far between, just once every couple years if we're lucky. And now (right now!!) it's that time. New iPhones. Updated iOS. Apple watches and their imminent, taunting release dates. Oh boy, I can't wait for all of it. Give it to me. Give all of it to me.

4. Family. It's been a bit of a rocky road paving the way of my life during these past few months. No pity, please. Pity does not please me (alliteration again). Facts are facts. In lieu of this, I set out to make this past summer the summer of family. I took a slew of trips during the summer months (yes that's right, even non-trip-oriented me) and I took them all to family-located destinations. Montreal with the motherboard, Chicago (with myself) to see all parentals, cousins, a grandma, new babies (well, one baby) and such. And lastly, Boca Raton (with the babiest of my baby cousins ABNewman) to hang with another grandma. And I learned something during these plentiful trips. I learned not something actually but rather quite a bit. I learned that it is not the absence of family that has the biggest impact but rather the presence of it. Life has a way of marching by and it can be easy to overlook the monumental importance of family throughout. Work, eat, sleep, repeat. It still happens with or without family in there. It is only when family re-enters your life that the incomparable specialness of it truly resonates. There are few people in your life who will love you unconditionally, well, unconditionally if you are lucky like me. Friends come and go, colleagues get replaced. Even spouses can be fleeting. The people who remain through all of it, though, through the trials and tribulations, the bullshit, the drama and problems of the heart... those people are family. After all, at the end of the day, water will flow but blood is always just a little bit thicker.


Did someone say hipster?

Bonjour Bunnies!

Going to make this a short one today in the spirit of gettingother shiz done on this lovely fall morning. 

Anyway, it's been a #selfieseptember thus far and in looking back at a few of my recent selfies and also, er, from some commentary by friends, coworkers and such, I've ascertained that I have quite resembled a hipster as of late. 

Out of character? Perhaps (to you). 

Comfy? You bet. 

Awesome? Maybe. You decide. 

Hjpster is the New Bunny. 


Too much? 

Anyway, here are a few of my hipster-esque ensembles as of late. 

Ya know, just in case anyone was wondering.

Shame on me for the selfie selfishness but oh well. At least I didn't do this on, gasp, FACEBOOK!

xo Buns

RBunny (or HBunny)

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Jeff Goldblum: The Nerdy Fabulous Actor Turned Singer?

If I had to be surrounded in ads today, lesbihonest, I could think of worse ones than Ellen!! Amirite? Cheers to that. #ellen

Musings of the Moment

Bunny Buns,

Greetings. On this thirtheenth commemoration of September 11th, I thought it my duty to bring a little ray of sunshine to this otherwise somber day. What better way to do so than to list out a few queries / sources of confusion / societal ponderings that have graced my mind over the recent past. See below.

  • Since when has it become socially and/or societally acceptable for someone to assume I will go over to their apt AS a first date? And no, I do not mean POST-first date, I mean AS first date. Read: Other person offers to cook brunch. Really? I have never met you save for the totally-nonhuman-meeting online that is totally NOT a meeting, therefore I am by no stretch of the imagination even toying with the idea of going over to your apartment. Child, please
  • I have a bone to pick with Tinder. Yeah, yeah, I am starting to see and recognize that much of the content on the b-logue of blogs has centered around dating as of late. Diversity, you say! I know, I am trying. But sometimes we must write about what we know right? In any case, Tinder, I am enjoying your keen ability to allow me to meet some lovely, er, people, however, I don't much appreciate your vagueness. Why can't I be more specific? Brown hair, sporty, good cook... I'm very particular here, dammit, and you're not giving me much option! See what you can do about that, k?
  • Is there really anything wrong with wearing an all-black outfit and brown shoes? From recent reactions, it seems to be the widespread answer is yes, something is offensively wrong with it indeed. Given the recent lack of color in my wardrobe, I have myself been sporting a great deal of black outfits with brown shoes (fabulous ones of course), only to the dismay of those around me. "Uh, Rachel, you know those are brown, right?" Yeah. But I'm going to stick with it. #fashionfail or #fuckfashion. You decide.
  • The Prince of Tides was neither about princes nor tides. Discuss. Whoops, just kidding, that's a query by the lovely Ms. Streisand. I confused myself for a moment. Forgive me. I am just so overzealously excited about the return of the incomparable BABS!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Et maintenant, je suis finis... pour le moment. 

Salut mes lapins!