Thursday, October 31, 2013


I enjoy festivities. Really I do. I love a good party, a Knicks game brings me endless joy, and you'll never catch me turning down anything having to do with cocktails. Trust me, I love a good old-fashioned great time.

Having said that, however, on this day, the 31st of October, aka Halloween, I am having a moderately rough time relating to the adults-in-costume fun that is seemingly going on around me here in my place of work. While, yes, I am a Halloween baby (well, technically, I was born on mischief night. How absolutely perfect can you get?), I am utterly baffled at the complete level of ridiculous taking place right now. As I sit here in my office attempting to do even just a semblance of work (well, maybe I'm just hiding but that is merely a formality), there are various forms of crazy traipsing by. A couple of minutes ago, a large male banana walked by, a few minutes before that Kim and Kanye made an appearance (yes, Kim was wearing the shortest dress ever made with a stuffed pregnant belly), a hot dog strolled on by, and so did Super Mario. Luigi was noticeably absent, though, just a side note. And while I write this, a half dressed dalmation just popped her head in to ask a "very serious digital question".  Maybe it's just me but gonna say it's pretty much impossible to use the word "serious" in a sentence when you're dressed as an adult spotted dog... unless you're saying you look seriously silly.

Don't get me wrong, you won't find this girl knocking anyone's version of fun - whatever floats your boat. In fact, I love watching it around me. But you also won't find this (now 32-year-old... yikes) girl outfitted in anything but her regular ensemble of black skirt-and-heels-oriented get-up this Halloween or any Halloween soon. Or ever. I prefer to continue to comfortably sit back in my heels and carry on the amused observation of my professional colleagues. That wraps it up for today.

Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 28, 2013

what ELSE do you do?

In atypical fashion for the b-logue, today I am going to veer left of the usual snark-filled writing style and take a turn towards the serious side of the road. If we're bucketing this particular post into one of the three categories of the b-logue description, this would fall under "societal dialogue."

So, I was recently at a lovely little housewarming fete, this past weekend as a matter of fact, for an equally lovely colleague of mine. By colleague, I mean agency partner. Now, for the non-marketing contingent of us, agency partner can colloquially be defined as someone one works with outside of one's own marketing discipline. Example: I work in media, said agency-partner colleague works in public relations. So, while not the same spoke of the marketing wheel, the two are inextricably linked. We clear on that?

Moving on. At this particular fete, I found myself surrounded by rooms full of people who, for the most part, all worked in the same few fields. We were all proverbial agency partners in a way. It made for a unique situation... without having to ask the fellow party patrons the typical-out-to-dinner "what exactly do you do in your job", it was innately (or at least for the most part) understood.

Herein entered the refreshing breaking of the societal norm - instead of asking the tiresome "what do you do" question (to which no one typically cares to hear the answer anyway), I got to thinking. Why don't we all ask each other "what else do you do?" As a matter of fact, this idea was born in a conversation between myself and a friend's husband given both of our knowledge on the other's job functions.

Instead of boring myself to tears (no, writing that I bore myself to tears was not a mistake) with the saaaame exaaaaact elevator pitch of what-is-media-planning-anyway, I found myself instantly engrossed in a much more unique, personalized dialogue. The simple act of inserting that one 4-letter word, "else" transformed the much-too-overused-and-under-cared-about phrase into a brand new thing: a conversation.

For the remainder of the candy-filled fiesta, I continued to pose the question. What else do you do? The answers I heard and conversations I subsequently found myself engrossed in, were some of the most interesting ones I can remember for a stretch. I had a lovely exchange about the art of cartoon-ing. Learned things I never knew existed... who knew there was such thing as a cartoon table? Heard all about the wondrous benefits of yoga from a truly passionate yogi. Had the luxury of learning about college ROTC scholarships... and I really listened.

In summary, while I had a fabulous day full of candy corn, apple cider and apps, I believe part of that fabulousness was attributed to the non-mundane conversation. I love being a working professional and talking about business like no other, trust me. But while work, houses and family are grand, I believe we should all try a little harder to keep just one ear outside of the proverbial box from time to time. Ask questions you care to hear the answer to, and when you hear it, listen. You just might find that you're genuinely interested. One simple stepping stone to move in that direction... just remember to insert the word. Else. What else do you do? Take it from a girl who's as guilty as the rest of us of engaging in cookie-cutter-convo. One word can go a long way.


Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Musings

Happy Friday y'all!

Not a helluva lot going on here in the sphere o'bunny today... there's that Irish O thing again. Sheesh, my fingers betray me, did I type that? Anyhoo, just a quick snackable blurb today to express my utter confusion at a few things recently noted as of late. As always, baffling behaviors, beings and such abound. So here's just a few that stand out.

This is more of an assertion but. No matter what the weather, there should never ever be heat blasting on a subway car. It's bad enough walking from the crisp, refreshing air down into that dingy hole of the earth for a mere few seconds until the train arrives. But when you venture from the less-than-pleasant station air to a subway car approaching 80 degrees, all has gone awry in the world.

How come people who aren't going to eat anything accept a fancy-as-hell lunch invitation? Seriously, if you're just going to sit there sipping on a seltzer with lime for 2.5 hours while the rest of us shove our faces like fat cows, why did you even agree to come? That seat could surely have been used for a more okay-with-eating patron.

This one bridges the line between snark and serious. But forgive me for such gratuitous blurred lines, for I feel I must put it forth. Why, yes seriously, why, and how, and in what world of anyone in their right minds, do people feel it is in any remote way appropriate to "casually" inquire of non-close-family-or-friends as to when said person is going to "have kids." Really? Really, co-worker-who-I-barely-smile-at-by-the-coffee-maker? Really, friend-of-my-mother-in-law's-who-I've-only-seen-once? You're really going to ask me when I plan on having a baby? How is that, in any way, even remotely any of your business? Last I checked, that choice is probably the most personal one that a person could ever make. Like, ever. And yet you feel warranted in broaching said topic in water-cooler conversation? This matter is utterly mind-bogglingly-baffling to me. If I EVER choose to have a kid (which will not happen)  trust me, you'll be the last to know. So don't ever consider even asking or hinting or anything of the sort ever again. Let me enjoy my kid-free coffee and my big-girl career please. K?

Why are there full workday Fridays at all? Ever?

While only a few musings, I think that will be all for today. Until next time, kiddos, a bientot and au revoir.

wise words from the fabulous samantha jones

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Not all true but yes.Yes.

#8 is probably my favorite. Thanks again Thought Catalog for the sometimes-self-riteous-but-usually-not perspective. Cheers to kid-free life.

I Heart Celebs

Since I'm back to the b-logue (and better than ever if I do say so myself), I've made it my mission to generate never-done-before topics to write about. As I sat here pondering the next apres-Gayle post du jour, I became startlingly aware of the vast number of celebs with whom I've made acquaintance over the years. Side note - if yesterday was day 'o' the Irish, today is apparently day of the French! Mais oui, bien sur! But I digress. For a celeb-obsessed soul like me not to have ever compiled a list of celebs encountered before seems a sin.

So here goes, not in order and undoubtedly with a few forgotten, behold the list of celebs slash pop culture icons I've been blessed enough to meet to date:

Gary Sinise. Thanks HPHS.
Anthony Rapp. Same as above.
Stevie Nicks. Well, technically the white-winged dove waved at me from inside her limo. But we connected.
Chris Noth. The incomparably sexy Mr. Big. We hugged. *melting
The entire cast of Saturday Night Live circa 2009ish including Rachel Dratch, Jason Sudeikis, Bobby Moynihan, Bill Hader, Jimmy Fallon, and most exciting for me, Kristin Wiig.
Jimmy Fallon...twice more. Um, do we think running into him 3 times and him calling me babe is a coincidence? He totally loves me.
Kiefer Sutherland. Neato. Cool voice.
Kelly Ripa and Regis Philbin. It's good to have friends in broadcasting. Thanks Ives.
Denise Richards at The View Mutt Show. She adopted a puppy in the green room! Pedigree does good.
Rhianna. EW party back in my media planner days. Under her um-brella. Ella. Ella. Ay ay. ay.
Jordin Sparks. Rolling Stone luncheon. She's tall.
Edie Falco. Ms. Carmela Soprano herself. And of course, Ms. Jackie. Far and away the nicest celeb ever. We chatted for 15 minutes on the street. NBD.
Bette Midler. The first of my childhood diva idols, the fabulous Miss M. Honor of meeting her two times. Dreams do come true.
Marc Shaiman. Miss M's former piano player.
Harvey Fierstein. Epic voice.
Forrest Whitaker. Cool.
Barbara Walters. The original quinessential female reporter. What an honor.
Joy Behar.
Whoopi Goldberg.
Sherry Shepherd.
Elisabitch (oops, did I misspell her name) Hasselbeck. See you next Tuesday former View co-host. Ew...note the above View theme.
Aziz Ansari. Too bad I don't watch Parks & Rec.
The gals of First Aid Kit. Thanks Ms. Haber.
Amanda Peet. She was ordering a latte at Starbucks in Chelsea. Good looking lady.
Bruce Springsteen. He was checking out Led Zeppelin shirts at Urban Outfitters in Jersey. Could that BE any more awesome?
Rufus Wainwright. At a Borders CD signing. Yeah, back when people bought CD's. So fabulous though.
Oprah Winfrey. No description needed. Most. Epic. Moment. Ever.
Gayle King. Same thing.
Gayle's hairdresser. *only included because we email each other.
Every single Chicago Bull circa 1990's, most notably: Scottie Pippin, B.J. Armstrong, my neighbor John Paxon, the adorably charming Horace Grant, Stacey King, Bill Cartwright. And deserving of his own line...
Michael Jordan. Basketball god.
Countless former Knicks players, including but not limited to LBJ. #nyclove
Newt Gingrich. Not even sure what bucket to put him in. But yeah.
Anthony Wiener. Aaaaand that just about does it.

Boy, I am sure glad I just took the time to tally those up. And I am certain I left some out. But my, what a lucky lady I am. Oh la la! Next up on the bucket list: Barbra Streisand & Cher. Pssh, yeah right, I know. In any case, check back for what will hopefully be an updated and amplified list in days and months to come. Cheers to fame!


It's not even #tbt yet but for some reason felt oddly compelled to do a #tbb  (throwback blog - is that too much of a #stretch to be funny?) today. While I already paid tribute to the epic moment of meeting one of my many idols in life, the unparalleled Ms. Winfrey, a few months back, it dawned on me that I never did so for the equally amazing Ms. King. If we're being technical, meeting/hanging out with the lovely Gayle at the screening of Oprah's latest movie, was my second encounter with her. The first, glimpsing her at a ROBERT PLANT concert (ahem, could that be any cooler?!), was awesome as well but nearly as so as the second time. Needless to say, sitting in the press room and casually chatting with Ms. King while watching her BFF's movie was totally ridiculously surreal. Total out-of-body moment. Moments plural rather. Gayle, you are more than Oprah's BFF and anyone who thinks otherwise is just plain uninformed. Thanks for being so warm, friendly, gorgeous and utterly awesome... and for making it now ten times more entertaining to watch CBS This Morning. And thanks, Tracy, for making two of dreams real.  It's good to be a media gal. xo

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Return of the Bunny

Hi-o bunny-o's!

It has just sadly been brought to my attention that I've been noticeably absent here on the blog-o-bunnies in recent days. Pardon the over-use of the 'o' today, I'm not certain what has gotten into me, it must be my Irish, er Jewish, roots. Rachel Connor reporting here.

In any case, just a quick r'entrance to reassure all o' y'all that I am alive, kicking ... and still writing! I've been a little preoccupied with other, non-bunny writing commitments (professional ones, ahem) but I re-commit  here and now to do my diligence on the b-logue from this day forward. 

So until later, bunny-o's, keep truckin, soak in the delicious Manhattan fall weather and check back here soon for some much-needed revived snark. Toodle-oo!

Best. OOH. Ad. Ever.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Office Observations... Take 3

Recently noted new additions:

  • The coffee/espresso machine blank stare phenomenon. I've noticed that inevitably, each and every single time I make a trip to the coffee machine to brew a much-needed afternoon espresso, there is a very-confused-looking fellow employee standing there staring at the machine as if it were a recently landed alien from space. Why, yes, colleague, that is indeed an espresso machine. The same one that was here yesterday, the day before that and the day before that. If you want an espresso, just hit start. Really, I promise. If you've never had an espresso before, why are you starting now?
  • I've made mention of this one before but it's just so bothersome that I feel warranted in a re-mention. The office-peek-in. Door closed. Phone call taking place. Head in hands. Could not look busier, more disturbed or agitated if I tried. And yet still... always those heads that peek their way through the violatingly clear glass on my door. The words "you busy" silently conveyed through that ever-so-not-subtle head peek. Could I BE any busier if I tried? #peeksomewhereelse
  • The constant getter-uppers. Okay seriously, you walk by my office every 5 minutes every day of every week. Did you not just visit the bathroom a mere sixty seconds ago? Is there more leftover food in the kitchen now than there was five minutes ago? Have you ever heard of that thing called telecommunicating? Really now, I know we all strive for more face-to-face communications in this overly digital age but really now. For the love of G-d, send an email every now and again. 
  • ...and my very favorite of this month. The office e-cigarette smoker(s). Okay, folks, while I understand that blu e-cigs "don't contain nicotine, just vapor" and it's, like, technically "okay" to smoke them indoors, have we really come to a time where it's societally acceptable to chain suck away on a blu nicotine vaporizer in the midst of a highly important meeting in a conference room of 20+ people? Pardon me if I've missed that memo but last I checked, we haven't. Seriously, comrade(s), let's take this whole "ok to use indoors" thing with a grain of kosher salt and keep the e-cig OUTSIDE of the conference room. K?
Check back for more amusing office quandaries to come soon. Cheerio.