Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Divine Miss M

For once I don't have a long-winded shpiel but for some reason today (perhaps due to her imminent upcoming movie for the first time in way too long), I want to just give a gentle nod to my first favorite diva, the Divine Bette Midler. I think I've written enough papers, paid tribute to my love via innumerable posts but I felt the need to say thank you today. After all these years, Bette, you are still fabulously divine, and despite your much-too-short hair do, you are looking fierce and brash as always. You were always the one I looked up to (I refuse to write the words wind beneath my wings anywhere except within the harsh confines of a parenthetical side note) from my awkward pre-teen years through post-college despite my inability to sing or shimmy on stage. But in all seriousness, thank you, Bette Midler, for existing in this world and being so fabulous, forward and fresh. Cannot wait to see the new movie...if you are playing a grandma, I guess I really am getting old. But alas. L'chaim to you and keep being divine.
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