Thursday, January 3, 2013

Resolutions Shmesolutions

      New Years is fun. I love getting dressed up in sparkly outfits, imbibing in bubbly cocktails in champagne glasses while donning an absurdly ugly hat with the year prominently written in silver glitter. There's nothing better than kicking off a new year with a festive, friend-filled evening and a subsequent blank slate (well maybe a few things but I like to be absolute in my written assertions). But I digress. What I in fact do not enjoy annually about New Years is the widely accepted human practice of making resolutions for the coming 365 days. I find the whole idea to be idealistic but quite frankly more so than that, lazy.
       Life exists for 365 days year after year, and I believe it should be lived the way we aspire to live on every one of those days. Although New Years Eve is enjoyable and the notion of receiving a blank slate is somehow encouragingly uplifting, that in no way gives us the privelage of being lazy during the rest of the year.  Bad things happen every day, cutting lives short, inflicting life-altering incidents on the most unknowing of us. One day, everything could change for any of us at any time. God forbid this ever occur, however I would hate to look up one day wishing I had run that 5K and knowing I no longer could, dreaming of that trip to Hawaii I never took, only to try to convince myself that I had "saved it for a resolution one year." To those who insist on living a less-than life for most of the year sans a few weeks, I wish you the courage to (at the risk of sounding like Oprah) live your best life more  consistently. Resolutions may seem grand on January 1st, but life itself gets no do-overs so live it now and live it well.

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