Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What's Up With That, Jodie?

     The Golden Globes deserved an A- this year overall in my opinion. From start to finish, the show delivered non-awkward, organically flowing entertainment. Needless to state, Tina and Amy were, as expected, divine, and enjoyable to watch in every capacity. Their humor spans age, gender, and all of that and worked flawlessly for the bubbly-infused awards show.
    My opinion on that matter stated, I'd like to address the meat of the title of this post. As background, I would generally (as unbiased as possible) label myself as an open-minded, non-judgmental humanoid. Nice Jewish girl that I am, I married a (in the words of Barbra Streisand in The Way We Were) nice Gentile boy. I don't frown upon people stepping outside of their expected cultural boxes, I respect openness even at the risk of seeming weird, and I certainly encourage coming out of the closet if one is gay. Not being gay myself, I cannot feign to come close to understanding what that experience must be like, however I do suspect that I would prefer not to live secretly in any way, shape or form. There is simply no need for secrecy in regards to a matter as mundane in 2013 as homosexuality.  And Jodie, my dear, I commend you for "coming out" or whatever you would call that blubbering mess you put forth after receiving your Cecil B. Demille award.
   I must say, I am pretty quick-witted and can usually ascertain the deep meaning of a speech, article, or movie before much it comes to a close. Mmmm, not so much the case this time, Jodie. In the midst of listening to your "you won't be seeing me on stage anymore" to "if you had been living a life in public since the time you were 3 you'd value privacy" to "my mother can die now", I truly don't think I have ever been so lost for the net takeaway of a speech...ever. Are you retiring? You're single? Are you leaving Earth tomorrow? Or wait...are you (no one gasp here since everyone already knew)! Gee, Jodie, for such a respectable "woman of 50", I think you could have just a little more clearly stated "I'm gay and I'm proud". In my opinion, this would have been the more respectable route to take, not only for yourself but for the gay community at large. I have watched your speech now three times and I still struggle to understand why, if your goal was to share your sexuality with the world, you made absolutely no mention of it. It's 2013 here, Jodie. Ellen is gay. Rosie ie gay. Doogie Howser and Anderson Cooper, the stone silver fox, for G-d's sake, are gay.  Coming out of the closet is nothing new and you would not have been the first, second or twentieth to do it.
    Don't misread me here, Jodie, I commend you for (finally) being open with the world, your fans, and your undoubtedly tipsy Golden Globes comrades, however I do think your approach could have used a little fine-tuning. The deed is over now, so sit back, relax and enjoy your now publicized private life. And next time you waltz the red carpet, please do bring a date.

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