Thursday, March 28, 2013

10 Things I'd Rather Do Than Go To the Dentist

10. Go to the zoo. But ew.

9. Spend the afternoon going on roller coaster rides the whooooole time. This may be ironic-seeming given the "fun" nature of the activity but suffice to say, my last trip to Great Adventure ~2 years ago during my adult years...not pretty.

8. Put the silverware away after emptying the dishwasher. That part just eats away at my soul.

7. Attempt to put the fitted mattress sheet which always seems too small on the bed. I have never once been able to successfully accomplish this in one shot.

6. Watch a football game on TV in its entirety.

5. Attend a football game in its entirety.

4. Drink nothing but water for days on end.

3. Do a juice cleanse. But definitely not that horrifying Acai berry one I tried from GNC last week that made me feel like I was simultaneously dying, experiencing morning sickness and having a stroke.

2.  Give up my Showtime subscription. And believe me, that would pretty much kill me.

Drumroll please...for this is a big one...

1. Skip a day at the gym. While it sounds relaxing and blissful to most to have a day off, to me a day sans a workout is pure torture.

Note: All of the above remain in tact with the caveat that they all become null and void if my favorite endodontist were to be present. :)

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