Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Little (Delayed) Post-Awards Chatter

     Much to my pleasant surprise, I have gotten my fair share of disappointed earfuls from loyal Bunnylogue readers for being absent in the blogosphere in recent weeks. So before I get started, let me take a moment to apologize to the loyal bunnies for not providing my usual dose of pop culture buzz / entertainment / snarkiness as of late. Rest assured, I am alive, well and BACK!
     I am shocked and mildly dismayed at myself for my lack of awards show posts, particularly Grammy's and Oscars. I suppose I was too engrossed in my television and consuming other people's witty commentary to put out anything of substance of my own. But if there's one thing I cannot abide, it's excuses. Admittedly, I was nowhere to be found in real-time during the latter part of awards season and I fully recognize critiquing the shows with such shameful delay seems futile.  But I am going to go ahead and do it anyway. And I will commence in chronological order.
     In typical fashion, Grammy's night was pretty epic, or rather in LL's Grammy-infused-tweet-speak, #rockinawardsshow.  Awesome as it was, every year despite my "I-am-no-longer-a twenty-something-but-age-is-all-a-frame-of-mind"mindset, the Grammy's inevitably makes me feel approximately two times my age. While I self-righteously tend to place myself on the favorable end of the "in-the-know" spectrum as it relates to pop culture (inclusive of music, movies, fashion, and otherwise), the Grammy's has an uncanny ability to ricochet me straight to the other end within a matter of minutes. While I love me some Rihanna, I fancy Adele (along with most other singing British folks who make their way into my headphones) and Alabama Shakes' "Hold On" occupies a steady place on my treadmill playlist, these preferences didn't get me quite as far down the Grammy's-know path as I would have hoped. During the nearly two hour show, I found myself anxiously anticipating the next pre-commercial-pod "coming up next" announcement of singers/celebs, optimistically holding out hope I would recognize at least 50% of them.
     Okay, I'm cool, I'm hip, I found myself saying after humming the words to The Lumineers' catchy slash quirky Ho Hey. If I know this "indie" tune, I'm golden.  Mmmm yeah, that theory did not hold out quite as sturdily as I had hoped. As I sat on the couch pleasantly multitasking, musing to myself at my own twenty-something-seeming musical knowledge, I was all of a sudden abruptly stopped in my tracks, nearly choking on a spicy tuna roll. Cough. An ode to Forrest Gump? Who is this fellow and why is he moving so slowly on the screen? Is this a real song? An optical illusion? For the love of God, someone please clarify what's currently going on!
     Good for this guy, I guess? This has to be the worst song I have ever heard in my life. But props to you, Frank Ocean, for selling both it and yourself to the iTunes top 50? Rationalization works wonders.  Actually not so much ... this is just absolutely terrible. Forget feeling old, hearing that Forrest-Gump depicting disgrace of a song successfully assured me that one of the needed characteristics to attain musical popularity today is clearly NOT quality. Glad we got that straightened out. But alas, I will abstain from further Debbie Downer-ness.
     All in all, the Grammy's did not disappoint. Rihanna was radiant, Kelly Clarkson a class act through and through, and Fun. more fun than ever. I will never recognize, like or even feign to understand every artist on the iTunes top 10's crafts, and I'm okay with that. Music shapes life, and with that, here's to looking forward to next year's show...and no further musical renditions of Forrest Gump.

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