Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Altruism Off the Field

     Who would have ever guessed I'd be writing a blog entry on anything even remotely related to football? Certainly not me and I presume likely no one else in my life either. But alas, here I am and here it is. I have developed a new found respect for Victor Cruz, commonly known as the New York Giants wide receiver...a stellar athlete, fast, furious and fierce. Go Big Blue, right? But surely I know I must be confusing my blog readers with this seemingly the-glorious-sport-of-football post so I will move on to the heart of the matter here. Although commonly known for his NYG position, Victor Cruz also touts an alternate title: philanthropist slash good man. Although I cannot yet publicly say in writing why I suddenly possess all this knowledge on Cruz, I will say that, from doing a pretty thorough deep dive into his life, career and extra-curricular activities, he is a tried and true kind soul.
     Perhaps the most touching element that I have learned about VC came from the following. After the horribly tragic Sandy Hook school shooting, Cruz took on the respectable duty of honoring one of the unfortunate victims, Jack Pinto, a young boy who was a huge Cruz fan, by wearing Pinto's name on his gloves and shoes during the Giants game against the Atlanta Falcons. And although the media seemingly incessantly touts story after story about "celebs who do good things", somehow this act of kindness just felt different...more genuine, close-to-home and unfabricated.  In addition to Cruz's Sandy Hook honorable act, he also supports the Magic Johnson Foundation, a nonprofit charitable organization committed to making a difference in the lives of children living in under-served communities. And all of this is not secondary to, but equally as important as, VC's superbly awesome football career. So now, from a football-hating gal to all of you, I will say this: the kindness of an athlete may be just enough to get me to not change the channel during future Giants games. But I do repeat, may. :)

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