Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sopranos Post-Mortem

The theme here as of late seems to be widespread TV tardiness on my part, doesn't it. Yeah, even I'm beginning to notice. Seems I am a late-broadcast-bloomer. Only in my thirties have I really come into my own with TV preferences. It was a long road but I'm finally here. Okay, okay, that's enough with the dramatic intro. I know, I'll stop.

So since the inception of my Nurse Jackie / Edie Falco love affair last month, I decided that the existence of an unwatched-in-its-entirety series with Edie in a central role was too much to leave untapped. While I intermittently watched episodes over its seven years on air, I have not watched every episode of The Sopranos in chronological order and consequently have undoubtedly missed out on a lot of pertinent stuff. Unacceptable.

As of yesterrday, the sixteenth of April, two thousand thirteen, I pledge to dedicate myself to viewing all seven seasons (or 6B if we're being technical) of The Sopranos in order in their entirety. Last night was a two-episoder: Season one, episodes six and seven. I must say, episode seven was pure mafia-rific TV heaven. We saw a pint-sized Meadow (Jamie Lynn Siegler) kick off her journey to find the right college: the first Soprano to attend university, quite the feat. She and her mob-man father, Tony (James Gandolfini), embark on an east-coast road trip together while Carmela (Falco) stays home sick in Jersey. Well, not so sick that she couldn't spend a ziti-and-chianti-filled evening with a priest by the fireplace. But that's a whoooole other story. Meadow and Tony tour the preppy-Ivy-league east coast together in his somehow-mob-looking white Lincoln. While Meadow preps for college interviews, Tony plots a mafia murder. Just an ordinary day in the Soprano household.

Naturally the most intriguing storyline of the episode for me was that between Carmela and Father Phil Intinola...who BY THE WAY, just so happens to play Eddie on Nurse Jackie. Coincidence? I think not. But I digress. While nursing a cold with her husband and college-bound daughter traveling and her son sleeping out, Carmela spends a rainy evening in with Father Phil. Now not that I myself have much experience with priests, however I know enough to know this is no ordinary priest-female relationship. The two spend hours talking face to face just a little too close together, drinking wine by the fire, watching movies, and oh yeah... engaging in a casual communion. Then he "spends the night." Normal right? I'll leave that up for judgement. Suffice to say, the scenes between Carmela and Father Phil are intense, minorly uncomfortable, and amazing to watch. The chemistry between the two is fantastically powerful and electric. Watch it and trust me, it will spark you too.

My sincere apologies to those of you who finished The Sopranos like five years ago and who are surely judging my TV tardiness if only just a little. I suppose I was busy. Either way, be sure to check back with me on my subsequent viewings and reviews whether you've watched or not. Until then, kiddos, be good and stay safe.

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