Thursday, May 9, 2013

Things I simply couldn't do without

1. Mac black carbon eyeliner. Well, technically, it's a shadow but in my world, it's a liner. Seriously, if I happen to oversleep, forget to line my what are seemingly tired-looking eyes one day, I inevitably get repeatedly reminded of it. "Rachel, are you okay??" "Omg you look terrible, what's wrong?" "Have you been crying?" "Didn't sleep well?" Actually, I'm great, just forgot to do my make-up. #cosmeticfail

2. Contrary to widespread opinion, the tech device I cannot live without is NOT my iPhone but rather by adorable little iPod Touch, colloquially known as Bunster. Why would I enjoy an iPod touch more than an iPhone with cellular capabilities? Well, the answer is simple. I use calling features like waaaay less than I use other, more important features, namely Facebook and other fun-filled apps, and the iPod is just way thinner and lighter. At the risk of sounding like the tech snob that I am, I think I would possibly die without it constantly by my side.

3. Louis Vuitton. I mean really, what is the point of a nice outfit without a nice LV to accompany it. That's like peaches without the cream. Or something.

4. My Metro Card. Well, I suppose I could technically live without it if living is defined as going broke.

5. Salsa. Best condiment ever.

6. Snarky blogging slash writing. Hashtag obviously.

7. At the risk of sounding totally and completely psychotic, the gym. To this day, I truly cannot understand those souls who take the "I-don't-work-out" stance in life. Forget muscles or being thin, I simply have waaaay too much adrenaline for my own good. If an actual person had to bear the torture I inflict daily upon that treadmill, G-d help them.

8. Premium Cable, namely HBO and Showtime. I will spare y'all of the emphatic feelings I have on this topic. Oh wait, you already know.

9. Peanut Butter Nips. Highlight of my daily post-meal-experiences. Yummmm.

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