Friday, June 14, 2013

The utmost baffling office behavior

And it is....

When my office door is clearly closed and fellow co-workers do the unsolicited, uninvited, unwanted pop-in. This is by far my favorite observed office behavior. And by favorite I clearly mean, most baffling, annoying and utterly rude.

Let me first explain the set up and details of my office as background. The office itself is positioned in the corner of the hallway right when folks are walking back from the bathroom or printer / walking to the cafe / traipsing about. I would not call this ideal positioning. But moving on. There is also a long window that spans the length of the front of the wall so when said folks are walking by, they inevitably peer right on in as I attempt to be productive. Heyyyy, yep, I'm still here. Still me in here since last time you looked.

Now, moving on to the worst affront of all. I would approximate that roughly three times per day when my office door is closed, someone will do the infamous I'm-popping-my-head-into-your-line-of-sight-and-then-I'm-just-going-to-come-in-anyway-without-knocking-or-any-regard-for-your-closed-door. Now, listen, I recognize that an office building, particularly in the fun-filled world of media, is a place of publicity and openness for us social creatures to wander about and overshare our daily or hourly musings. Really I do. However, I also recognize the value of the advent of the DOOR.

Don't you think, fellow ad comrades, that maybe, just maybe, I might (gasp) have closed my door for a reason?! Perhaps I wanted to have that totally inane conversation with my mother without the entirety of the 31st floor hearing me (and that includes you) or to make that gynecologist appointment in privacy? Or perhaps I enjoy stuffing my face by myself during fifteen minutes of my proverbial lunch break? (Insert snarky commentary on who really takes a lunch break these days anyway?) Do you think it's possible that I might just want to concentrate on that deck that was due an hour ago without being interrupted?

I don't deign to assert that I have never been guilty of committing this offensive white-collar-office crime, however I do maintain I do my best to steer clear of the behavior. #whitecollarproblems. I know. But after all, anyone who is lucky enough to have an office door in the great city of Manhattan has probably earned the right to use it.

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