Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Office Observations... Take 2

Some questionable behavior patterns noted on this steamy summer Wednesday:

  • The unbelievable unending insistence on continuing that cell phone conversation into the elevator. Seriously, office cohorts, you know that call is going to drop any minute now, just as you get into the meat of your what-is-sure-to-be-so-important-it-couldn't-wait-until-post-elevator-ride point. But now we all get to hear the standard "I'm getting into an elevator, I might lose you" whilst smirking to ourselves. So thank you for that moment of bemused-ness.
  • I recognize it is hot out and that it is next to impossible to get ourselves dressed when we know we will morph into dripping messes the moment we step outside. (See 7/15 post). But, at the risk of sounding like my former lovingly crazy boss of years past, ladies, there is a place and time for flip flops. And included in those places and times is not your office. While I personally would not jeopardize my podiatric health and deign to wear them around or the city streets or (gasping in horror) the subway, if others choose to do so, so be it. But seriously, ladies, for G-d's sake, just keep a pair of wedges or office-acceptable peep toes under your desk for the summer season and change your footwear when you get to work. K?
  • Slooooooowwwwly. Waaaaaandering. Throooouuuuuugh.... the office hallway while typing a what-would-surely-be-more-easily-typed-at-your-desk-so-go-on-back-there email. And then stopping in front of my clear-door-see-through-office standing there leisurely finishing your email, Or maybe perusing what's happening in the social sphere. Perhaps making weekend plans? Whatever it is that you're doing out there while I try to maintain my focus pattern and not look at nor talk to you, would you mind kindly doing it somewhere else?
  • Standing in the communal office kitchen whispering on your cell phone about your interview schedule. Mmmm. I know you genuinely think you're being all DL about your private business and quiet but just a word to the wise, you're totally not. Glad I now know I won't be seeing you for too much longer.
  • Having a what-seems-to-be-really-important work conversation about actual work matters in the bathroom from stall to stall. Perhaps this million dollar matter deserves walls?
And with that, I'll wrap up my observatory musings du jour. Keep staying cool, comrades.

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