Friday, September 13, 2013

#freakyfriday #fridaythe13th

Woke up from series of intensely vivid, odd dreams. Could have sworn I was in the backseat of a minivan in some Southern state, only to find, once I finally emerged from my unconscious, that I was indeed merely in the confines of my Murray Hill apartment. Note: vivid dreams should not be considered an anomaly, however these were of particular oddity.

Ventured to gym in typical pre-work fashion. Almost fell off the treadmill while daydreaming. Apparently I never exited unconscious state. Whooops.

Bus transported me from apartment to office in, contrary to usual 25 minutes, mere 12 minute span. Consider this to be an element of Friday the 13th falling on the positive end of the spectrum. But still. Really. This expeditial phenomenon has nary occurred pre-dating this day.

Arrived at work with realization that I neglected to apply life to my face... read: eyeliner. Walked in to hear expected dismayed inquiry from innocent bystander colleague: "You okay Rachel?". This followed by sympathetic puppy dog eye look. 

Scheduled doctor appointment cancelled without informing said patient, namely moi, of said cancellation. Said patient would not have known if said patient had not pre-emptively called to confirm.

Elevator dropped 5 floors in roughly 2 seconds. Alone. #panicattack

G-d speed to me with the remainder of this day.

That will be all. Happy Friday the 13th y'all.

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