Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Musings

Happy Friday y'all!

Not a helluva lot going on here in the sphere o'bunny today... there's that Irish O thing again. Sheesh, my fingers betray me, did I type that? Anyhoo, just a quick snackable blurb today to express my utter confusion at a few things recently noted as of late. As always, baffling behaviors, beings and such abound. So here's just a few that stand out.

This is more of an assertion but. No matter what the weather, there should never ever be heat blasting on a subway car. It's bad enough walking from the crisp, refreshing air down into that dingy hole of the earth for a mere few seconds until the train arrives. But when you venture from the less-than-pleasant station air to a subway car approaching 80 degrees, all has gone awry in the world.

How come people who aren't going to eat anything accept a fancy-as-hell lunch invitation? Seriously, if you're just going to sit there sipping on a seltzer with lime for 2.5 hours while the rest of us shove our faces like fat cows, why did you even agree to come? That seat could surely have been used for a more okay-with-eating patron.

This one bridges the line between snark and serious. But forgive me for such gratuitous blurred lines, for I feel I must put it forth. Why, yes seriously, why, and how, and in what world of anyone in their right minds, do people feel it is in any remote way appropriate to "casually" inquire of non-close-family-or-friends as to when said person is going to "have kids." Really? Really, co-worker-who-I-barely-smile-at-by-the-coffee-maker? Really, friend-of-my-mother-in-law's-who-I've-only-seen-once? You're really going to ask me when I plan on having a baby? How is that, in any way, even remotely any of your business? Last I checked, that choice is probably the most personal one that a person could ever make. Like, ever. And yet you feel warranted in broaching said topic in water-cooler conversation? This matter is utterly mind-bogglingly-baffling to me. If I EVER choose to have a kid (which will not happen)  trust me, you'll be the last to know. So don't ever consider even asking or hinting or anything of the sort ever again. Let me enjoy my kid-free coffee and my big-girl career please. K?

Why are there full workday Fridays at all? Ever?

While only a few musings, I think that will be all for today. Until next time, kiddos, a bientot and au revoir.

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