Thursday, November 21, 2013


I regretfully inform you that since my last "I Heart Celebs" B-logue post in which I recorded the shockingly long list of celebrities whom I have met, I have only one additional one to add. See picture to the left. Just kidding, I have no regretful sentiment whatsoever!

In case you're totally dense and don't know who this absurdly gorgeous man is, it is supermodel and super hot Tyson Beckford. Mm mm mm. The man is ridiculously good-looking and yes, kids, I had the pleasure of, you know, chillin with him last night at the People Mag Sexiest Man Alive issue party. Well, not sure chillin' is totally accurate but you get the gist.

Hashtag hot. Hashtag model. Hashtag yes please. Hashtag Tyson.


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