Monday, December 16, 2013

Making a List. Check it twice... only if you want.

I really have nothing clever, kitschy or snarky to say about what I'm about to put forth because, well, it's just fact. While any topic, person, written piece or the like can certainly be turned into some form or other of snark, holiday wish lists typically don't strike me as sarcasm-conducive. Shocking, I know. But alas. In the spirit of the holiday season and my never-ending list of things that I want, thought I'd just take the time to bullet them out. Make of the below what you will -- a self-serving desire to tell people what I want, a holiday must-list reco for your own holiday endeavors, or just to waste a few moments of your precious day.

So here we go:
  • iPad Mini with Retina Display. Here comes the sure-fire response from... everyone reading this. "But you already have one!" Yep, yep I do. That said, how is that in any way related to the fact that I could always use a spare? White iPad. Black iPad. Races coming together. #seinfeld #blackandwhitecookie #nomoreracism
  • Beats by Dre. Yeah, I know they're huge. Yeah, I know they're overpriced. And yeah, I know they're, like, totally the quintessential example of marketing gone so right. But just imagine the mental image of yours truly traipsing around Manhattan in purple Beats bopping my head to the beats. No pun intended!! And plus, purple Beats go perfectly with a huge LV bag, right?
  • One of those really cool charging pads that you just plop devices on and they charge. I don't much understand the technology -- first time those words have exited my lips, er fingers -- of those swell little power mats, but I like 'em. It's cool how people just have their devices laying on their desks and yet they're charging. I want to be one of those people. Can I have one?
  • Book of Mormon tickets. Apropos to my usual television viewing lag time, I am perhaps one of the last remaining theater-enjoying humans who has yet to see this obviously fantastic show. Such a catastrophic omission from my Broadway list. This must be changed.
  • Never-ending Amazon gift cards. Is that so much to ask? Can I just incessantly order things and, like, never be charged? That'd be really great. K, thanks.
  • On that note, never-ending Best Buy gift cards. In case you're not catching the theme here, I heart technology and there is alwayyyyys another device, accessory or such that a girl could use. 
  • A completely gratuitously overpriced Louis Vuitton wallet. In no way could I ever rationalize spending in excess of $600 on a money-holder. It seems so ironic, doesn't it? You spend all your money to buy the thing, only to leave it completely devoid of any contents. But, money aside, they are just so prettttty.
  • Lifetime supply of gum. Mmmm, wouldn't it be grand. 

And there you have it, my totally modest holiday list - shouldn't be too difficult right? Now, that, my friends, was snark. :) Be good!

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