Wednesday, February 19, 2014

ABC Cocina gets an A in my book

As most bunnies will know, it is a rare occasion that I mention food on the b-logue and rarer that I do a restaurant review. I have to break that rule today, however, given my epic epicurean experience last evening at ABC Cocina. Look at me with the alliteration today. So, yes, let me start out by just saying, YUM.

Before going, I had previewed the menu and may or may not have googled pictures of the grilled shitake mushroom platter I was surely going to order. The photographs were, forgive the cliche, definite food porn. And I was psyched for my upcoming trendy and delicious dinner out. Suffice to say, though, those photographs did not hold a flame to the actual food and insane level of deliciousness.

The Latin-infused diverse menu is rather lengthy so without a pre-read, definitely has the potential to overwhelm. But overwhelming or not, get through it. Because, take it from this non-foodie girl, it is so worth it. Finally making a decision of what to order was hard because almost everything appealed. Opting for a couple starters from the aptly titled "Light and Bright" section was a solid decision. The shaved brussel sprout salad topped with goat cheese and a citrusy orange marinade was bliss on a plate. If you have any inclination towards brussel sprouts, this plate is to die for. The second Light and Bright fare, the roasted cauliflower with raisins, chilis and cilantro was equally delicious. Some of the the best, most unique flavors I have experienced as of late.

Moving on from Light & Bright, we made way down to the Wood Burning Grill section of the menu. Not to be overly food-dramatic here but the maitake mushrooms with goat cheese, fresno pepper vinaigrette is about the equivalent of a ... well, you know. My, oh my. The stringy mushrooms were perfectly charred with just the right amount of goat cheese and again, another orange colored tangy sauce that was the perfect add. I think I could eat that dish for every meal forever. Second from Wood Burning was the charred octopus. Hands down the best octopus I have had. Perfectly crispy on the outside without being too chewy inside. Unless you are anti-octopus, there is no feasible way this dish will not blow your mind. Seriously.

Last up - fluke. I'm just going to say this. Fluke fail. The inferior order of the lot. Much too oily and paled in comparison to all of the other divine deliciousness taking place. But everything can't be totally perfect all the time, right? So, if you're struggling to order, flake on the fluke.

On the ambiance front, it's pretty fucking awesome. With exposed brick walls adored in colorful geometric glass shapes, mirrors and modern ornamental finishes, it is both palate and eye candy.

All in all, complete satisfaction from this veggie-loving, "super trendy" girl ;). The company wasn't too bad either. Highly recommended.

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