Thursday, July 31, 2014

Check me out on SheKnows Entertainment... soon!

Bonjour Bunnies!

Je suis heureuse de... meh, not much in a parler-en-francais mood at the moment come to think of it.

Anyhoo, Buns, just a quick in-and-out post to say hello, happy almost-weekend, and to share a minor tidbit of news.

I'm pleased to report that starting some point next week, in addition to B-loguing, I will be a weekly contributor to SheKnows Entertainment! Yes, indeed. In apropos RBuns fashion, I will be writing about goings-on in the social media sphere, trending topics, and news that may go viral ('cause, you know, I can see into the future and stuff). And, get this part. I will also be watching movies from the old days... er, the 80's/90's (cue an I-am-old sigh)... and writing modern-day reviews on them. How fun is that?!

So, yeah. I will report back with my official first-post-date and link soon but thought I would share the exciting news in the meanwhile. Here's a link to my bio and where my soon-to-be-written articles will live on SK:

Cheers to writing, blogging, and to the things (other than our day jobs) that make us happy.

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