Thursday, July 31, 2014

Summer Screenings

Now that it's practically August already (yeesh, how in the world did that even happen?!). it's come to my sobering attention that I have been remiss to write a single review of anything all summer! Well, if we're counting Broadway in there, aka my "On Hedwig" piece, then I suppose I did one. Yes, one measly little bitty review. So weak.

So that said, I thought I would take this opportunity to review a few TV shows, films (made for TV and otherwise), and such that I have viewed during these past few months. In the spirit of composing snackable content, these reviews will be concise and to the point. If you're in the market for lengthier reviews, look elsewhere this time, a la Rotten Tomatoes and the likes. Note: that is in no way an endorsement for Rotten Tomatoes and no, I have never written for them. Glad we got that off the table. K, well, here goes.

1. Sister Wives. Season 5. TLC.
If you are not a fan of watching a quirky polygamous family of twenty-something live out their totally-unrelatable-to-the-mainstream lives, then clearly you should not have watched Season 5 of Sister Wives. Or any season for that matter. But if you're still reading this, then I'll assume you're already somewhat not closed to the show as a whole. In any case, Season 5 was certainly not my favorite thus far of the series, that I'll say. During this fifth season, we got, as usual, drama from my least favorite wife, Meri, tension between Robyn and er, everyone, and actually interestingly, a look at the younger kids generation. That last part was new and interesting but honestly, the rest of it was just kind of... meh. Suffice to say, I cannot stand Meri. She irks and annoys me and I swear, if I see one more tear from that grown ass woman, I will boycott TLC forevermore. Well, no I won't, but I'll stick with it for drama's sake. Anyway, so as to avoid too many spoilers, I'll conclude by saying this season o'polygs did pale IMO compared to seasons passed. Grade: B

2. The Normal Heart. HBO.
Brilliant made-for-HBO-based-on-real-life film. What a beautifully done TV remake of Larry Kramer's 1985 stage play look at early 80's gay/AIDS America. Watching The Normal Heart was, for me, a deja vu to earlier viewing days of And The Band Played On, the film adaptation of the book by the same name, and on the same subject. Both films delve into the early days of what we of course now know as AIDS but back then introduced as the offensively named "gay cancer"and the community and country at large's reactions to this horrifying new disease. But above the scientific disease discovery, what lies at the heart of this film are two other stories: that of activism and that of love. With an ensemble of characters perfectly cast to their roles, including Mark Ruffalo as lead role Ned Weeks, Jim Parsons, Julia Roberts and Matt Bomer, and a compelling storyline, The Normal Heart drew me in from minute 1 and I recommend this film to anyone who has a heart. No pun intended. Grade: A-

3. Elena Undone. Netflix.
A film I stumbled upon during a few spare what-do-I-watch moments. What can I say about this movie other than a beautiful story of love, fate, and truth. The way a review reads in words does no justice to the way the film views on screen and in the heart. EU peers into the lives of one bored woman married to a reverend and another quite single lesbian loner-slash-writer. Two completely different worlds that become somehow completely combined. I endeavor not to spoil this lovely film here so I will leave it at this for the moment. If you are looking for something to restore your faith in love and fate, direct your Netflix to Elena Undone. Seriously. I promise you won't regret it. Grade: A

4. Orange is the New Black. Season 2. Netflix.
Piper. Tasty. Vee. Pousee (hehe, I always laugh at that one). Red. Vee again. ALEXXXXX. The back stories. The drama. The insanity. Yes please. Is that enough? Uh, if you really thought I was going to delve into my full OITNB review piece within a non-dedicated blog post, think again, Bunnies. Come on now. Grade: A PLUS!!! (As if you really needed to ask).

Check back tomorrow or this weekend for my OITNB S2 dedicated review/analysis. Until then, grab that remote, chill out and check out one of the above.

Bon soir, Buns!


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