Thursday, June 9, 2011


i'd like to get an understanding of the rationale of those individuals who choose to wear long pants, long sleeved, and even...a scarf? during this 95 degree heat wave in manhattan. yes, that's right, this morning on the sweltering subway as i gathered all my strength not to sweat nor faint, i observed a woman, standing seemingly calm and comfortable, dressed in a skirt to her ankles, closed toe shoes, a veritable sweater and here's the rub...a SCARF. i stood there in my barely there flimsy cotton sundress sweating and staring. i just simply lack an understanding of this. what must go through an individual's head upon waking up, seeing the weather forecast of 97 degrees, going to one's closet and choosing this heat-inducing get-up for the day? what is the thought process? just curious.

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