Tuesday, April 2, 2013

9 Reasons I Heart SJP

9. Her kids are freaking adorbs. I love the whole girly little boy son of a celeb thing.

8. She's just a midwestern girl at heart.

7. She has the requisite "I've been in a movie with Bette Midler" notch on her belt. Excuse me. Two movies with Bette Midler.

6. Most. Amazing. Hair. Love a fellow non-straight-hair-gal.

5.  She's married to a nice Jewish boy.

4.  Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

3.   Even though she insists she's not Carrie, she looks just as fashion-forward fabulous in every photograph as Carrie undoubtedly would have.

2.  Um, she spent every single day with Chris Noth for years on end. And a lot more. Or actually, maybe I hate her for that.

1.  She made writing look so fucking cool. Thanks Carrie.

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