Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Male vs Female Social Networking Observations

I have been keenly aware of some distinct differences in the habits of male versus female social networking as of late. Now clearly these are vast generalizations and are not intended to convey that all guys and girls exhibit the exact behaviors. It's 2013, there's all different types of gender roles yadda yadda. I know. Having caveated that, here we go:

- Girls engage in rigorous Instagram-esque photo editing prior to uploading. This is particularly the case with the ever-annoying widespread selfie. Guys' photos are misaligned, on a diagonal, and filled with red eyes.

- As it relates to engagement-related posts, girls post sparkly hands. Guys use the simple status change - XYZ has gone from being in a "relationship" to "engaged". Can't knock the straight-forwardness though.

- Roughly 50% of guys' updates in my feed are sports-team-related. Roughly 50% of girls' tout how awesomely fit they are, # of miles run, or how annoying their gym experience was. (Maybe that's just me actually). At least both genders see the value to being physically fit.

- Girls change their profile pictures on a consistent basis. Read, every time they post a new event album. Because surely there must be a more flattering picture this week than last. Much better outfit. Much better hair. All the profile pics of guys in my network are at least 2 years old.

- Girls shamelessly promote (yeah I know, me included). So do guys.

Guess the ultimate goal for all of us is to make our lives look super awesome...in the best ways we know how. That will be all for today's observation du jour.

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