Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston Marathon Shootings Likely Linked to Terrorism (Reporter Rachel here)

In the initial hours following the two deadly bomb explosions that took place at the finish line of the Boston Marathon yesterday afternoon, it was uncertain whether the explosions were acts of terrorism or otherwise. Although suspects have still not been definitively confirmed, CNN in conjunction with Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, have reported that the FBI has taken charge of the investigation and is actively working to confirm whether the tragic event is linked to terrorism.  The FBI is bringing critical, substantial resources in to aid with the investigation.  They have labeled it a criminal investigation with potential as terrorist investigation on both a national and local level. Police identified two additional bombs in the area that did not go off and are continuing to monitor for further evidence.

CNN is also reporting that at the current time, officials have been told to be on the “lookout for a darker-skinned or black male with a possible foreign accent” carrying a black backpack in the Boston area.
President Obama spoke last evening on the national tragedy, at the time remaining cautious to confirm that the act was definitely one of terrorism, but stating in an official White House statement that “we will find out who did this and we will hold them accountable.” The tragedy has since been labeled as a potential act of terrorism. The President has assured the country that he will increase national security due to the attack, promising to protect the American people in the face of any potential threats. He stated that today “all Americans stand with the people of Boston.”
Three people have officially been declared dead with 17 currently in critical condition and more than 140 injured from the deadly bombings.
A third explosion that took place at the JFK Presidential Library in Boston was initially speculated to be related to the marathon. CNN reports that it has since been confirmed that explosion was related to mechanical problems. No one was killed or injured and all library patrons were safe post-blast. One tiny trace of light in a day of darkness.


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