Monday, April 15, 2013

Check Out My First PUBLISHED Post...Justin's Barely Belieb-able Act Abroad

During a stop in Amsterdam this past weekend while on his European tour, 19-year-old Justin Bieber caused quite a ruckus. This is just another rung on his ladder of socially inappropriate public behavior. While in Amsterdam, Bieber visited the Anne Frank Museum… which would have been a kind, positive gesture if left at that. Before exiting the museum, however, he wrote a message in the public guestbook reading, “Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a Belieber.”

Not surprisingly, since then, the bubble-gum-turned-punky teen idol has received a fair share of criticism in the social sphere and the public at large. Anne Frank spent her last years starved and tortured in a Nazi concentration camp, ultimately dying at the hands of Nazis for her Jewish faith. Pop music was nowhere in the realm of her tragic life at any point, and Bieber’s suggestion that she would have “been a fan of his” has been touted as both self-centered and inappropriate. Pop culture and whimsical language should not be used anywhere in conjunction with a tragedy of mass proportions.
Some argue, however, that Bieber was not totally in the wrong with his “upbeat” guestbook entry. Caroline Frost of the Huffington Post said, “In her diary, there are dreams of Hollywood and all the film starts. I’m sure that she would have been absolutely that age, and we hope living a normal happy life, which for any 13-year-old, does involve knowing what Justin Bieber’s up to.” Perhaps if Anne Frank had indeed lived long enough to have the luxury of following pop idols and Hollywood goings-on, Bieber would not have received any criticism for his comments. The fact is, however, she did not. By bringing celebrity and at the core, himself, into a commemorative establishment, he demonstrated a lack of respect and an over-bearing sense of egocentrism.
Bieber has not yet commented on the act nor the public reaction.
Though controversial right now, there is no doubt that the true Justin Bieber fans will be able to overlook this momentary misstep and get back to whole-heartedly “Belieb-ing”.

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