Friday, April 12, 2013

It's Edie Day!


Well, folks, the day has arrived. It's a rainy Friday, the majority of my morning was spent soggy and rain-combined-with-subway-filth soaked, and I found an apartment I loved, only to learn it was taken. But none of that matters's Edie Falco day! Since the day I purchased tickets to see Edie Falco live on Broadway (well, technically off-Broadway if we're being precise) in The Madrid, the countdown has been on. And now in just a few short hours, I will be sitting in a cozy little theater a mere 4 blocks away watching a brunette Carmela and/or Jackie, whichever you choose, on stage. The New York Times gave both Edie and The Madrid a ravishing review and I have no doubt so will the Bunnylogue. Be sure to check back for a detailed review of the show at a later point this weekend. Until then, y'all, have a wonderful weekend. Be good! ;)

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