Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My Ten All-Time Favorite TV Characters

At the risk of sounding like a veritable television addict on my blog as of late, here they are:

10. Elaine Benes (obviously). She set the stage for female awesomeness on the small-screen. She could hang with the boys, rival their quick-witted sarcasm and jokes, dance (ha!), and still remain a quintessential girl. Eeeeeee-laiiiine.

9. Carrie Bradshaw. Another obviously. Between her men, her unparalleled to-the-moment fashion, and of course, enviably fabulous writing career, she was the woman all women wanted to be friends with.  Or be.

8. As long as we're on the Sex and the City theme, Mr. Big. Chris. Noth. Is. The. Sexiest. Man. Alive. His charming aloofness throughout the series combined with the love he carried (no pun intended) underneath it all was the perfect storm of masculinity. Mmmm.

7. Carmela Soprano. Since I've previously gone into detail on this topic at length, particularly as of late, I will keep this one to the point. A family-centered mob wife with a panic-attack-stricken mafia husband trying to balance the dichotomy of her life, all the while maintaining her strength and dignity. I'll forgive the fingernails, Carm.

6. Dr. Melfi. Again with the Sopranos over-done-ness here, I know. But what's good is good. Although I'm not much of a Jungian myself, she was indescribably believable as a go-to psychiatric expert. The facial expressions, the blank stares amid the silence, and the oddly whiny-yet-comforting amazing voice that seemed so apropos for a mobster's shrink. Brilliant work, Ms. Bracco.

5. Mary Richards. I heart Mary Tyler Moore. Her whimsicality and fluffy light-heartedness really did make you feel like you were going to make it after all.

4. Carrie Mathison. How anyone wouldn't be drawn in by a CIA secret agent carrying on an affair with a United States terrorist while popping bipolar disorder green pills and saving the world, is a mystery to me. Homeland would be nothing without you, Carrie.

3. Needless to say, Nurse Jackie. Edie Falco morphing from butch-looking-pill-popping-don't-give-a-shit-addict to raw, vulnerable, divorced single mother. Enough said?

2. Brenda Walsh. Admit it or not, we all loved to hate the 90210 witch create drama in both the on-and-off-screen Hills.

1. Jerry Seinfeld. His absurdly hilarious Jewish neuroticism combined with an incomparable sense of humor made him the penultimate sitcom favorite. And, as we know, I am not a sitcom gal so this speaks miles coming from me.

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