Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Odd Events of Today

Woke up this morning. Did not have a blue moon in my eye.  Had to get that in... clearly I'm still in Soprano mode.

Witnessed a girl running on the treadmill in a pink fuzzy bathrobe.

Returned home from gym to a slew of emails about my "office building badge violations". Guess I should keep better track since I'm now banned from getting a new one. #imabademployee

Got to work. Neither my old phone nor shiny new one would make calls. It's a strange irony working in communications and not having a communicatory device on hand.

Ate first meal of day at 3p. My to-do-list overfloweth. Alas.

Walked into my building only to have my jerk-off doorman hurl a spat of attitude straight in my face. "Hi Sonny." "The door's already open Rachel." "Did I ask you to open the door? All I said was hi." *Bitter doorman rolls his eyes*

That's all she wrote. Cheers to tomorrow.

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