Thursday, October 31, 2013


I enjoy festivities. Really I do. I love a good party, a Knicks game brings me endless joy, and you'll never catch me turning down anything having to do with cocktails. Trust me, I love a good old-fashioned great time.

Having said that, however, on this day, the 31st of October, aka Halloween, I am having a moderately rough time relating to the adults-in-costume fun that is seemingly going on around me here in my place of work. While, yes, I am a Halloween baby (well, technically, I was born on mischief night. How absolutely perfect can you get?), I am utterly baffled at the complete level of ridiculous taking place right now. As I sit here in my office attempting to do even just a semblance of work (well, maybe I'm just hiding but that is merely a formality), there are various forms of crazy traipsing by. A couple of minutes ago, a large male banana walked by, a few minutes before that Kim and Kanye made an appearance (yes, Kim was wearing the shortest dress ever made with a stuffed pregnant belly), a hot dog strolled on by, and so did Super Mario. Luigi was noticeably absent, though, just a side note. And while I write this, a half dressed dalmation just popped her head in to ask a "very serious digital question".  Maybe it's just me but gonna say it's pretty much impossible to use the word "serious" in a sentence when you're dressed as an adult spotted dog... unless you're saying you look seriously silly.

Don't get me wrong, you won't find this girl knocking anyone's version of fun - whatever floats your boat. In fact, I love watching it around me. But you also won't find this (now 32-year-old... yikes) girl outfitted in anything but her regular ensemble of black skirt-and-heels-oriented get-up this Halloween or any Halloween soon. Or ever. I prefer to continue to comfortably sit back in my heels and carry on the amused observation of my professional colleagues. That wraps it up for today.

Happy Halloween!

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