Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I Heart Celebs

Since I'm back to the b-logue (and better than ever if I do say so myself), I've made it my mission to generate never-done-before topics to write about. As I sat here pondering the next apres-Gayle post du jour, I became startlingly aware of the vast number of celebs with whom I've made acquaintance over the years. Side note - if yesterday was day 'o' the Irish, today is apparently day of the French! Mais oui, bien sur! But I digress. For a celeb-obsessed soul like me not to have ever compiled a list of celebs encountered before seems a sin.

So here goes, not in order and undoubtedly with a few forgotten, behold the list of celebs slash pop culture icons I've been blessed enough to meet to date:

Gary Sinise. Thanks HPHS.
Anthony Rapp. Same as above.
Stevie Nicks. Well, technically the white-winged dove waved at me from inside her limo. But we connected.
Chris Noth. The incomparably sexy Mr. Big. We hugged. *melting
The entire cast of Saturday Night Live circa 2009ish including Rachel Dratch, Jason Sudeikis, Bobby Moynihan, Bill Hader, Jimmy Fallon, and most exciting for me, Kristin Wiig.
Jimmy Fallon...twice more. Um, do we think running into him 3 times and him calling me babe is a coincidence? He totally loves me.
Kiefer Sutherland. Neato. Cool voice.
Kelly Ripa and Regis Philbin. It's good to have friends in broadcasting. Thanks Ives.
Denise Richards at The View Mutt Show. She adopted a puppy in the green room! Pedigree does good.
Rhianna. EW party back in my media planner days. Under her um-brella. Ella. Ella. Ay ay. ay.
Jordin Sparks. Rolling Stone luncheon. She's tall.
Edie Falco. Ms. Carmela Soprano herself. And of course, Ms. Jackie. Far and away the nicest celeb ever. We chatted for 15 minutes on the street. NBD.
Bette Midler. The first of my childhood diva idols, the fabulous Miss M. Honor of meeting her two times. Dreams do come true.
Marc Shaiman. Miss M's former piano player.
Harvey Fierstein. Epic voice.
Forrest Whitaker. Cool.
Barbara Walters. The original quinessential female reporter. What an honor.
Joy Behar.
Whoopi Goldberg.
Sherry Shepherd.
Elisabitch (oops, did I misspell her name) Hasselbeck. See you next Tuesday former View co-host. Ew...note the above View theme.
Aziz Ansari. Too bad I don't watch Parks & Rec.
The gals of First Aid Kit. Thanks Ms. Haber.
Amanda Peet. She was ordering a latte at Starbucks in Chelsea. Good looking lady.
Bruce Springsteen. He was checking out Led Zeppelin shirts at Urban Outfitters in Jersey. Could that BE any more awesome?
Rufus Wainwright. At a Borders CD signing. Yeah, back when people bought CD's. So fabulous though.
Oprah Winfrey. No description needed. Most. Epic. Moment. Ever.
Gayle King. Same thing.
Gayle's hairdresser. *only included because we email each other.
Every single Chicago Bull circa 1990's, most notably: Scottie Pippin, B.J. Armstrong, my neighbor John Paxon, the adorably charming Horace Grant, Stacey King, Bill Cartwright. And deserving of his own line...
Michael Jordan. Basketball god.
Countless former Knicks players, including but not limited to LBJ. #nyclove
Newt Gingrich. Not even sure what bucket to put him in. But yeah.
Anthony Wiener. Aaaaand that just about does it.

Boy, I am sure glad I just took the time to tally those up. And I am certain I left some out. But my, what a lucky lady I am. Oh la la! Next up on the bucket list: Barbra Streisand & Cher. Pssh, yeah right, I know. In any case, check back for what will hopefully be an updated and amplified list in days and months to come. Cheers to fame!

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