Wednesday, October 23, 2013


It's not even #tbt yet but for some reason felt oddly compelled to do a #tbb  (throwback blog - is that too much of a #stretch to be funny?) today. While I already paid tribute to the epic moment of meeting one of my many idols in life, the unparalleled Ms. Winfrey, a few months back, it dawned on me that I never did so for the equally amazing Ms. King. If we're being technical, meeting/hanging out with the lovely Gayle at the screening of Oprah's latest movie, was my second encounter with her. The first, glimpsing her at a ROBERT PLANT concert (ahem, could that be any cooler?!), was awesome as well but nearly as so as the second time. Needless to say, sitting in the press room and casually chatting with Ms. King while watching her BFF's movie was totally ridiculously surreal. Total out-of-body moment. Moments plural rather. Gayle, you are more than Oprah's BFF and anyone who thinks otherwise is just plain uninformed. Thanks for being so warm, friendly, gorgeous and utterly awesome... and for making it now ten times more entertaining to watch CBS This Morning. And thanks, Tracy, for making two of dreams real.  It's good to be a media gal. xo

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