Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Made Up Media Words Addendum

It has just been brought to my attention by the lovely non-media-but-equally-important-PR Ms. Tehan that I have carelessly omitted two highly important phrase / actions from my previous post. So rather than revising and re-posting, I aligned (with myself, that is) on compiling an addendum. Please see below for additions:

  • Flush out. Thank you for pointing this out, Nicole. This phrase would not make the list were it to be used in its intended grammatically correct form, that being "FLESH out." While certain projects, ideas, and nuggets of wisdom do indeed need to be FLESHED out to their full potential, they most certainly do not need to be FLUSHED down the toilet. Example: "Here is our preliminary idea of tactics for the launch but please note, these need to be further flushed out before going to upper management." Um, really, because I don't think you want to flush those babies that you spent hours toiling away on down the bowl. Really, people, if your incomplete idea sounded half-baked before, it sounds incrementally more so (and you do too) now that you've uttered the embarassingly incorrect "flush-out".
  • And lastly, this is not so much a word or phrase but a behavior most commonly exhibited by timid employees in the context of brainstorms. The behavior consists of the following. The utterance of a self-deprecating or down-playing opening statement just prior to offering a totally awesome idea. Example 1: "This may be totally dense but..." followed by the most strategically spot-on, strategic idea ever thought of in the history of said brand/campaign etc. Example 2: "Feel free to totally knock this down because it is so utterly dumb but..." followed by same idea. Seriously, kid, just skip the self-deprecation and you could be the next CEO. Well, maybe not, but you get the gist.

Addendum complete. For real this time. Props again Ms. Tehan. Hearts.

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