Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday Musings & Observations

While engaging in my lazy Sunday Precor workout on this lovely November morning and flipping through my paper version of Us Weekly, I became startlingly aware of the fact that I was the only soul in the entirety of the gym holding a paper version of... anything. Magazine, newspaper, catalog -- not a trace in sight. Just my own lonely Us Weekly staring back at me. Don't get me wrong, I'm not sitting here feigning surprise at this paper-less environment in favor of, obviously, iPads, iPhones and such. I mean, I work in media so I do hear the whole "print is dead" nonsense every day but, you know. Back in the day, every tread mill, every Precor and StairMaster was undoubtedly adorned in some sort of paper reading material (well maybe not every single but you get the gist). Today for some reason it just became blatantly obvious to me that the sun has set over the days of reading at the gym. To my benefit and to not appear like, you know, some sort of old school cat, it most certainly helps that I get all sorts of paper print publications slung at me whether I ask for them or not. If that weren't the case, I'm certain my iPad would accompany me on the treadmill like everyone else, too. But alas, that was gym observation du jour.

Also. Observation/query #2. Can someone please kindly explain to me the resurgence of BBM? As a reminder, in case you forgot about this latter-day, antiquated mode of communication, here is a refresher. BBM was cool when people have blackberries, like, 8 years ago. RIM is now a good-as-dead company, no one choicefully has a Blackberry (save for the few souls whose companies still provide them)... and yet BBM is supposedly the new "it" app? Really? Even in the top 100 in the app store? Why? I remember back to my own Blackberry-owning days how utterly awesome that "new app" was but that is clearly attributed to the fact that it was the first of its kind. There was nothing else out there like it -- the dawn of the iPhone had not yet risen, Droids were not even a blip on the tech radar. So yeah, back then BBM was neat.  We could instantly message friends without using up a precious text from our limited number. And all we had to do to "BBM" friends was enter our pin!  Hmmm, thinking about that TODAY, minus the pin, that sounds eerily like iMessage to me. And iPhones don't even have pins! Sooooo, henceforth I pose my initial request for explanation. Why?

And the last one is more of an overarching New York waxing, I suppose, that I have not broached since the dawn of the B-logue. So, in tribute to the early days, here is it. They say New York is the city that never sleeps. Yet, each and every weekend morning when I arise and venture outside pre-10 am, the unmistakeable feeling of disagreement with that Manhattan-ism befalls me. I am always one of the few souls walking the streets during these "early" hours. From where I stand, all of the quaint little Manhattan neighborhood-ees around me are fast asleep in their beds. Mistake me not, I love these quiet early weekend hours more than any other time. There is a tangible feeling of serenity in the air, a sense of peace that rarely if ever rears its head other than during this time. Love it though I do, the common "city that never sleeps" utterance is lost on me. I know better. New York CIty does sleep - it sleeps soundly and it sleeps a lot. So goodnight, moon, and goodnight New York. Sleep well, and see you on Monday.

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