Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thank you, Buzzfeed, for acknowledging the trials and tribulations of us curly girls

Tied for my top three are: #1, #5 and #26. And, while I'm at it, here are my answers!

#1. How do I get it to look like this? Um, little do you know, I just got out of the shower 20 minutes ago and as I do every morning, spend significantly less time than the average straight-hair girl primping myself. It looks like this by no effort on my part. #curlyluck

#5. Oh, I look good with straight hair? Really? Is that supposed to be a compliment since I wear my hair curly, like, every single day of my life except maybe once per month? So basically, I look good once a month? Cool, thanks for that swell back-handed compliment!

#26. Why don't I permanently straighten my curls? I'd say I get asked this question roughly every other day. Ugh, the keratin / the Asian treatment / the loss of all my character in one single $300 flash. Why don't I do that? Um, because that is the WORST idea I've ever heard. Killing my curls would be like killing my soul. So do me a favor, refrain from asking this question, like, ever again. K, thanks, bye!


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