Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Subway Switcharoo

Here's a thought. You know what I noticed this morning? I get super unnerved when subway trains don't maintain their usual look and feel. Like, you know, the 6 train is supposed to have the shiny new light blue seats and have that whole sleek train feel going on. Well well, New York City MTA, I'll have you know that over the course of the last roughly four weeks or so, I have observed to my bitter dismay that some of the supposed-best-subway-line cars are indeed NOT 6 train cars!

And not only do these less-than-par cars betray the look and feel of the usually comforting 6 train, they are, like, completely and utterly different altogether. For instance, they go incrementally slower than the up-to-par 6 cars. Neat, I rhymed! But seriously, the slower speed is less than appreciated, non-6 train.

Okay, also, they are always inevitably at least five degrees hotter than the regular 6 cars. And trust me when I say, that is totally not necessary during the crazy crowded-ness of the morning commute hours here in the great city of Manhattan. While, yes, it may be 30 degrees maximum outside, we are all sporting hugely puffy jackets which are rubbing up against the jackets of the masses around us and we certainly do not need further heat blasting down upon our heads in this anxiety-provoking environment. Can you just act like your superior sister trains and cool off please?

You know what else? I don't really like those totally after-the-fact green illuminated "6 circles" to identify this clearly "not 6" train as such. (You guys know the circles I speak of). They just kind of look like impostors, which, I mean, they are, really. You are not fooling me, or any of us for that matter, with your fake 6 logo. And while I might normally appreciate the fact that this could aptly be dubbed a disco train, I don't appreciate it. Because I want my real 6 train back. Listen, all us real New Yorkers know that you used to be an N, R or Q train. You ain't foolin' no one with those totally obnoxious orange seats either. 

Psssh, 6 train. Yeah right. 

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