Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Some pretty great reasons why Haim is my favorite new band

Well, in the vein of list-king (or queen) Buzzfeed, here is my list of top reasons why Haim is like so totally fucking awesome. I love them and you should, too.

They are just three nice Jewish sisters from the Valley. And if you add a "l'c" to their last name, it would say L'chaim.  I mean, really, how much better could you get?

Danielle totally has the whole Cher thing going on -- with that hair and the low voice, she may as well be tossing her head and singing Turn Back Time.  And, well, anyone who even remotely reminds me of Cher... epic win. Hooooo!!

All three sisters play instruments and all three sisters sing. Like, without enhancements and use their actual hands to play. That is a total and utter rarity.

They sing songs that don't annoy me.

And, they look utterly fierce doing it. Great rocker-chic looks they've got going.

Their Israeli grandparents taught them to play when they were, like, fetuses. Neato.

Este's now-infamous bass-face.  I mean, really, need I say more?

Their songs successfully bridge folk, pop, rock and, like, all else. Cheers to musical diversity.

And last but certainly far from least, the lowest hanging of the Haim fruits. They're actual living breathing authentic young musicians who have raw talent. Win.


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