Tuesday, December 3, 2013

T'is the Season!

I am happy to report that my annual favorite festive slash sarcastic line has once again reared its chilly head!

It brings me immense joy to be able to implement this totally open-for-tone-interpretation phrase at email sign off rather than the usual dry alternatives. Just look at how precious the little thing is

Dear Person,

Per your request, attached is this totally mundane and boring document that I slaved away on. Please reach out with questions.

T'is the season!

I highly value its multiple interpretations. Like, for instance, there are those tragically unfortunate souls who lack any sense of humor and employ this phrase with total and utter seriousness in verbal communication. Usually said people are sporting some form of wool red sweater and Lee jeans while using the phrase with totally straight face. You got the picture here right?

Then there is that contingent of people who simply choose to employ the aforementioned "T'is the Season" in writing but never in speech. I find these people are typically somewhat humorous and using the phrase is basically a huge fete accomplis for them. Like, wow, I said t'is the season in writing and that's funny! Well I mean, it is moderately funny so props to them.

But the hands-down ultimate funniest usage of the "T'is the Season" is within otherwise serious dialogue. Perhaps it is my innate tendency towards easy linguistic amusement but I find this act absolutely mind-blowingly hilarious. Like, laugh-out-loud-my-bladder-hurts hilarious. Example. Coworker 1: "Hey you wanna go to Starbucks for a 4p latte with me?" Coworker 2: "I don't know, I have so much to do." Coworker 1: " But pumpkin spice lattes! T'is the Season!" Said example is only moderately funny, however it becomes incrementally funnier in actual serious conversation. As soon as I experience the first authentic usage occasion this year, I will circle back and loop you all in.

Until then and until later, kiddie-o's, have a red-cup espresso on me because... t'is the season!

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