Friday, January 24, 2014

Made Up Media Words / Acronyms Take 3!

And it's back, folks... Made Up Media Words Part Trois! All it took was a gentle reminder from a most amusing Tumblr post. Yeah, it was just that simple.

So, on this frigidly frosty Friday, the Bunnylogue presents, MUMW 3.0!
  • EOD. The use of the famed EOD is pretty epic merely due to its widespreadness. Throwing an EOD into any verbal exchange, email, im, or any other mode of communication for that matter, makes said exchange instantly rude. Those three little letters, just by sitting next to each other, have an amazing ability to morph an exchange from casual to INSTANT, URGENT, RED FLAG!!! "Yeah, hey, I need that report from you... by EOD." Just before the three dots, you felt totally okay about the report. Mmmm, not so much afterward. 
  • POV. Not that POV is in any way exclusive to media, however,  I estimate its usage to be about threefold in media what it is in other, non-media-oriented places of employment. The POV, like the EOD, can be fairly used in written communication and spoken dialogue alike. Writing a POV can be a lofty project. Well, maybe not lofty but you know. Stating your POV is a bit simpler. For instance. "Rachel, please put together a 'quick' POV on that 14 page proposal in the next hour." Errrr, ok. Versus. "Rachel, what is your POV of Cate Blanchett's dress?" Loves it. You get the difference here, right? But either way, the POV makes its sneaky way into media life each and every hour of every day. 
  • COB. Once upon a time, in another place and another time when I was a little baby assistant, the difference between EOD and COB was lost on me. But, what do you mean I have to have it done by COB? So that means 8p when I leave, right? Okay, cool. Fail, Rachel, fail. Little did I know back then that that 8p delivery time was 3 hours tardy to the party. The COB is less commonly used in media than, say, finance, since, well, no one really leaves at the close of the business day in the lovely land of media. But the COB still does manage to find its way into media on occasion. Perfect example: See you COB Friday... for happy hour. #priorities
  • One-sheeter. I am fairly certain that other industries make use of one-sheeters, which typically are indeed more like two-or-three-sheeters. But you get the point. The one-sheeter is a pretty epic document in media. The one-sheeter boasts a magical ability to synthesize pages and pages of slides in a deck (see original MUMW blog post) into one little Word document!! Wow, just wow right? Well, I mean, oftentimes it really isn't one sheet like I said. But just calling it that gives it a prowess far greater than calling it by any other name. "Ugh, I cannot look at this 10 slide deck. Please hang up the phone and reschedule this meeting with a simple one-sheeter instead." #epicdeckfail
  • Round Robin. THE ABSOLUTE WORST!!! Yes, please, can we all go around the 20-person conference call that we have every single week and announce our names and where we work? Please, pretty please? That sounds like soo very much fun, so much indeed that we should do it every single week! Ugh, the round robin should spread its wings and fly far, far away.
That about wraps it up for this fab Friday. Part 4 to come in coming days. Toodle-oo for now!

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