Friday, January 17, 2014

T'is Still the Season

The it's-no-longer-the-holidays Q1 season definitely has the annual potential to feel like a massive let down. December is glorious, rife with Starbucks and iTunes cards raining from the sky, parties every night, and a pervasive feeling in the air of nonstop fun! Starbucks cups turn red, work turns into play, and then the holidays - lazy days, family, gifts. Ah, life.  But after the sparkly New Years hats come off, buzzkill-January somberly awaits, in our Outlook calendars and in our hearts. So, after all the glitz and glitter dies down, what now?

Well, the answer is actually an easy one. While, yes, last month twas indeed the season, this month it is a whole other season... and an equally fabulous one at that. Q1 boasts the title of being official awards season! And no, I do not mean TargetCast awards, although those are quite awesome as well. It is Golden Globes-People's Choice-Critics' Choice-SAG.. and everyone's favorite, Oscars (!!) Season! Yes, folks, t'is absolutely the best season of the year. T'is the season for crazy high Sunday night network TV ratings, after-the-show cable red carpets and after parties, fashion police, celebrity, and, obviously, the best movies ever. It is any pop culture / style-ite / media lover's dream come true. And the networks who air all of this fabulousness... it's theirs too.

So here we are now, Golden Globes, People's Choice, and Critics' Choice all shallow water under the bridge. Well, maybe not that shallow but you get the gist. We watched celebs in haute couture fumble over acceptance speech words while unknowingly garnering upwards of 5.0 ratings. And now we anxiously await the golden grand finale on March 2nd. Only during Q1 awards season do we find ourselves lucky enough to have multiple actually solid movies on our to-see lists. And this is a true diamond in the rough terrain of Q1.

So let's all take a moment to stop hating on Jan, Feb and March and start loving it just a little more. T'is absolutely still the season, just a different season. But who needs iTunes cards when we have dependable Sunday night TV? And, really, who needs a red-cloaked Santa when we have glamorous red carpets instead? Cheers to awards, cheers to movies, and cheers to Q1.

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