Friday, January 17, 2014

Volunteer Chic is the new Black

I made nod to it in my previous T's Still the Season post but I will now take a few further dedicated moments to pay respects to my recently received high-clout award. See left.

Yes, I have been honored "most likely to help build a house in volunteer chic attire" from my lovely co-workers. And, well, I suppose I do deserve this award, having constructed the floor of a house in leggings, perfect curls, and, well, a pretty cute leather jacket and my version of work boots. Ahem.

Like a true award acceptance speech, I would like to say thanks to some very important figures in my life. First, I would like to thank my clients for the simply fabulous Advil Relief in Action t-shirt. I mean, without that, the leggings would have been totally nothing. I would also like to thank my computer for allowing me to do my very important media work which resulted in me going to build houses. You follow the logic, right? I would also like to thank those super, um, is adorable the word... or filthy? work goggles that I was forced to sport for a 7-hour duration throughout my floor construction Friday. Dirty goggles, you really added to my 'volunteer chic' theme.

And lastly, of course, I would like to thank Lauren, Meera, & Derrick for laughing at me but, like, while I was also laughing at me, and making my day not only volunteer chic but co-worker and client chic alike.

I could not be prouder to accept this award if I tried. Thank you so much. #reliefinaction #volunteerchicforlife

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