Thursday, May 15, 2014

On Fashion

Once again, been a bit busy and distracted with work, affairs of the heart, life and such. You know, the usual. Feeling a bit bloggy today, however, so wanted to leave a Thursday footprint on the B-logue for y'all.

Shockingly, not totally in a written-word sort of mood today but more so, a pictorial one. And, what better pictures to admire than some glorious glamorous fashion ones, right? Right!

So, here are a few things I'm wearing / loving / admiring / drooling over as of late these days. Happy fashion gazing!

My favorite day is switch-to-light-Louis-day!
Been drooling over this Angie bag for so long... 
so I got one!

Hmmm, seems this is turning into a big LVoe affair, huh? I also like this stuff, though:

Digging these
Must. Possess. 

Mmmmk, that was enjoyable. I'd say my first foray into fab fashion foto blogging was a success. (Minus that last bit of unforgivable alliteration). What did you think?

Cheers, bunnies!

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