Thursday, May 15, 2014

On Labels. And Sexuality.

Sexuality scares people. It's this thing, just there, this state of being that has an amazing ability to make people uncomfortable. Why?

I think people love labels. Like, have an intense love affair with them.  Everyone needs their own special label, right? She's hot, he's not. He's Jewish, he's Catholic.  She's straight. He's gay.  She's... what if she's not any of those? What if she's just "her" and she's all of that wrapped up in one?

Let's be clear. On sexuality - I am not arguing that there are two distinct bookends. I mean, how could I, right? So yes, there is straight. And there is gay. But unless you're living in a decade of years past, these two bookends are just that. Extremes. They serve as black and white poles, only to give shades of grey to those in between. And clearly, there are many shades of grey in these present times.

So why is it that the majority of the population still speaks only in black and white, gay and straight? Why do we feel the need to slap a label on things and people that aren't asking for one? Does it make it easier to put things into a box? To organize them into neatly confined categories with no mutual exclusivity? Is human nature such that it cannot accept any sort of middle ground anymore?

I posit this as food for thought really. Think about it.

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