Monday, July 7, 2014


Okay, whoa, I'm really going nutto here with the posts. Watch out kids. I suppose I am making up for lost b-loguing time.

So, today during my morning-off-work-appointment-going, I spotted someone famous, fabulous, fierce, and fucking fashionable as... uh, fuck? Jesus with the alliteration, I swear it will stop soon. But yes, indeed, I did see a celebrity on my midtown stretch of land this morning. And this was not just any celeb, this was the incomparable fashion-maven ANNA WINTOUR!!!!!!!! Kid I do not, tease on this topic I would never. I have blogged about my admiration for this fabulous woman before and I am certain I will do it again. And this morning, on my quaint modest little foreigner-filled block, there walked this remarkable (and tiny!) little woman. I could spot that perfect blonde bang bob from miles away. This was Ms. Wintour without any shadow of a doubt. I froze. But then unfroze just enough to snap a paparazzi-photog-esque photo.

Sporting skinny white pants, a black seeming cartigan and, of COURSE, none other than a divine Chanel Jumbo (I think it was the Classic flap bag), there she walked down 48th Street. Her bob was in immaculate shape as expected and caught my even-uncaffeinated eye.

Suffice to say, my morning was made.  Merci, Ms. Wintour.


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