Monday, July 7, 2014

Broadway Babies

In the spirit of being back-to-blogging, I thought I'd bring back an old favorite of mine: the LIST!

Okay. So. In addition to getting "Back to Bunny" in recent days, I have also made one giant step BACK INTO BROADWAY! Yes, that's right, kids. Back. In the span of several weeks, I saw two fabulous shows, one of which about I already shared a dedicated blog post... Hedwig herself. Then, a couple weeks after that marvelous experience, I had the privilege of seeing Aladdin on Broadway, and I must say, while I am certainly not a Disney gal myself, did quite enjoy. It was a feast for the eyes, a picnic for the ears, and an all-around good old fashioned childhood throwback. Plus, you know, seeing it in the company of my twenty-something-going-on-seven coworkers, added to the joy.

Now that I am in the Broadway mode, I am fiending, yes, that's right, fiending (!!) to see lots more shows. More, more, more!! I want more!! Okay, my whiny child-self is done for the moment. Wah. But in all seriousness, I am now making a list, checking it twice (whoopsies, it's summer, not Xmas, silly bunny) and taking a poll on the next show I should be seeing. Even though, ya know, I already have my mind made up. To quote a super-snarky e-card I recently stumbled upon, "I would like to ask your opinion on something and then stick with my decision regardless of your feedback." Touche. ;)

So here goes. in priority order of the shows I think I would like to see next but on which I am looking for confirmation:

1. Beautiful. I mean, honestly, who doesn't love them some Carole King, right?

2. Hedwig... again. 'Cause I'm cray like that. Although, if it's a Hedwig without an NPH, who knows how that will go.

3. Cabaret. While I did see this fabulously flamboyant show with my divine mother back in the days of my teenage-dom, I feel I would enjoy it much more thoroughly in my adult days.

4. The Book of Mormon. I think I wrote this same sentence a year plus ago but I'll say it again. I know how very shameful it is for a Broadway-loving baby like me to not have seen this epic production. Definitely not winning on that one.

5. If/Then. While I have heard some very meh reviews on this show from some trustworthy sources (Ahem, work ladies), I still ascertain any show with the lovely Ms. Menzel couldn't really be all thattt bad, right?

6. Kinky Boots...again. Because, again, I'm cray like that. And I fucking flipped over this fabulous flick. (Okay, maybe that last f-word didn't quite work there but I seem to be stuck on alliteration this week so oh well!). Ain't nothing better to me than a love-yourself-because-you-are-you gay drag show, right? Right!

7. Once. Meh, I think I felt obligated to include this on the list just because, uh, I don't know why really. Should I or shouldn't I?

Okay, that seems to be all that's occupying my theater wishlist at this current moment. Have a read, have a ponder, and let me know your thoughts?

Till next time... Broadway wishes and theater dreams. :)

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