Sunday, July 6, 2014

Summer Favorites

Morning Buns!

Hope you all are having a swell Sunday, a super summer, and a sweet... uh, I can't think of another catchy s-alliteration right now. Phew, I know. So, yeah! Here I am on this lovely last-day-of-the-weekend morning, relishing the last twenty-something hours of not working till the rat race starts all over again soon. Wah wah. Poor me. Give you a break, right? I know.

But yeah. Yet again, blogging, writing, grammar-ing, and such have yet again escaped me as of late. I don't know what the problem is -- summer and such have drawn me away from the keyboard, I suppose. The sun will do that. Although, I do need quite a bit more sun if I am being honest. I'm just a small notch below ghostly still, and we're already into July! Yeesh. Must. Change. That.

Okay, in any case, let's progress. A couple posts ago, I dipped my well-pedicured toe into the waters of fashion blogging. Ahem, I thought that was a nice transition, yeah? And actually, scary as those waters were, I quite liked them. So, I am going to give the fashion/beauty/product thing a go one more time here. Why not, right?

Over the last few weeks, I have acquired (a nice euphemism for bought) a few items that I am enjoying... some fashion, some beauty, some, uh, random I suppose, and figured I would share my thoughts with y'all.

First, despite not typically being much of a perfume kinda gal in the past, I decided to change that this month. The first perfume, or eau de something if we're being technical, I picked up was the one on the left below, is Vicky's Secret Angel. Yeah, I know what you're thinking, am I twelve? I thought the same thing, however, I MUST say that this fragrant little gem is just that. It's a mist of freshness, perfect for post-summer-day showers or city nights, and it's bringing me immense sensory satisfaction right now. Again with the alliteration. Weh.
Okay, so the second fabulous fragrance to enter my life was yet another teenybopper-ish one that I am loathe to say I am loving. Vera Wang Pink Princess. Yes, the bottle is a literal glitter-ridden pink heart (and the damn glitter is getting all over my apartment too) and yes, it sure looks like something with which your pre-pubescent niece might adorn her pink teenager room. But, once I embraced an I-won't-judge-this-bottle-by-its-cover and smelled the loveliness inside, I decided to seal the deal. Must. Purchase. VWPP is a richer perfume than VSA with undertones of, uh, I don't know, something good? I just decided whilst typing that the idea of trying to be a perfum-o (get it, like a wine-o?!) was rather silly given I know absolutely nothing about perfume chemistry. But in summary, both of these two fragrances have entered my summer life and I'm glad they did.

What other non-sensory things have I been digging lately? Hmm. Oh, right. Glasses as accessories!
Well, I mean, needed accessories that is. If any of you know me, you know I am, ahem, kinda blind. It's sad, really, but now you know that if I see you and don't say hi, it's not me being a bitch.
Promise. And it's not resting bitch face either or anything like that, it's just that sans specs, the chances of me seeing you are pretty fat. So, yeah!
Since a few months ago, I've treated myself to two fabulous new pairs of glasses. See photo to right. The black Gucci's on the right were my go-to's for a stretch until I decided to mix it up a bit. Variety is the spice of ... seeing? Does that work? Okay, so now, much like I accessorize outfits with various handbags and jewelry, I do the same with specs! The black ones I mentioned just now are Gucci plastic, those kinda lavendar, kinda pink, kinda clear ones with leopard edges are Ralph Lauren, and those oversize faded brown ones on top are actually from a designer previously unbeknownst to me, Scott Harris. I possess equal love for all three pairs, look to them (no pun intended) for different purposes and would be lost without them. Literally.

This blog post is getting way long so I think I'll cap this one off for now. Seems both my summer favorites do indeed involve senses... AND go along with my horribly cheesy alliteration theme. Seeing and smelling in the summer! Wow, this is making my stomach churn. Sorry, buns. Anyway, that's what I got for now. Hope you all have some faves yourself as well and I will be back soon with a few more of my own.


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