Monday, July 7, 2014

Summer Swimmy Favorite... A Hidden Gem

It's Monday... and it's HOT here in NYC. Woosh. Holy heat!

It was hot yesterday too, and single New York City me found myself with an overwhelming craving to do nothing other than jump in a POOL. Good riddance, right? Well, unfortunately, that mission is not as easily accomplishable here in the marvelous mecca of Manhattan. (Uh oh, I am going to curb the alliteration before it spins out of control again today. Promise.) So, difficult though the task was, I decided it was necessary. And if anyone knows me, you know that if I set my mind to something, it must be done. 

Ah yes, the wonderous powers of Google. Sitting in my apt sweating my you-know-whats-off after a river run, I began my mission. Let's go, Google. Show me what you got. "Free pools in NYC." Ick -- that did NOT pan out too well.  I stumbled upon pictures of public pools ridden with so many children in them I couldn't even see any blue in the photos! Uh, pass. Moving on. "Hotel pools in NYC." Ha, three hits... all of which are elite socialite spots in Meatpacking. Meh, too lofty for today. Okay, one last try. "Day passes to private pools in NYC." Surely this must turn up better results... right?? Please? Thankfully, that answer turned out to be yes. After calling two private pool facilities that sternly turned down my offer to pay to use the pool for a day since it was a "summer weekend", I finally received an affirmative answer on my third try.

A day pass to Asphalt Green, a little (er actually not so little), gem on the upper east side, costs $35. And let me just say, this was the best $35 I have spent this summer to date. This day pass granted me access to what could be the largest swimming pool I have ever seen... like, not just in the city, ever. While the pool itself was indoors, the best part of my 5-hour day-at-the-Green was spent not in the pool but on the magnificent and sparsely populated rooftop terrace. Seriously, kids, a resounding wow on this fifth story terrace from this girl. 

Suffice to say, this rooftop is truly glorious. It is absolutely enormous, immaculately clean, not crowded (well, at least yesterday), and with the most breathtaking river views I've seen. I spent a good four hours up there... probably the most peace I have had for a stretch. I sunned, I read, I chatted, and perhaps most notable of all, I really breathed. All in all, I had me some good fun in the sun. 

Net -- if you're looking for a little retreat without traveling too far from the city, check out Asphalt Green. Perhaps I shouldn't be giving away my secrets but lucky for you all, I'm in a sharing kind of mood. Sharing is caring, right? ;) Take it from this picky gal, you will not miss those $35 but if you don't go, you definitely will miss out. And for the record and your viewing pleasure, check out my sunny bunny rooftop shots.


And if you do check it out, be sure to report back with your thoughts and experience.



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