Thursday, October 2, 2014


"I'm not the prettiest you've ever seen but I have my moments, I have my moments."

"I can get a little drunk, I get into all the don'ts but on good days I am charming as fuck."

Just wanted to put that out there. I wanted to put that out there becuase, you know, I get that. I feel that. I get ya Tove.

Last night I saw the wildly amazing Tove Lo perform at Webster Hall. I will finish this post later on in further depth but let me commence by saying this... wow.

In addition to being one of the hottest damn chicks I have ever seen (no, that is not hyperbole), she is also legitimately and insanely fucking talented.

It is a rare singer who can successfully bridge the gap between lyrical and musical talent. I say this from years of experience in music-obsessing. And trust me when I say, there have been a lot of those years. The lovely Ms. Lo, however, is one of those rare ones. The songs on her debut album, Queen of the Clouds, are profoundly deep in meaning as well as musically brilliant. Not to overdo it here with flattery for the Swedish twenty-something but I'll say this. The experience of listening to Tove's songs feels something like a drug-induced trance combined with the best dance party you've ever attended. It's a drug binge gone good and one you want to keep repeating. Yeah. It really is.

I will complete the review later tonight so stay tuned but until then, please immediately start listening to this epically excellent album. Personal album favorites: Moments and Habits. In that order.

Get them. Listen to them. And repeat.

I'll be back later... babes. ;)


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