Thursday, October 2, 2014

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I have decided to complete my Tove Lo review / thoughts / praise in the form of a - wait for it - LIST. Yes, that's right, Bunny Babes (ahem), we all know I love a good list and Ms. Lo is certainly nice fodder for a solid one.

So, here we go. Reasons why I absolutely fucking love Tove Lo.

1. Her music makes me feel. No, I did not forget to add an adjective at the end of that. That was a purposeful stop. Because, it does just that. Tove's songs make me feel. They really make me feel. It wouldn't be fair to assign one adjective as my emotion becauase there are many that could fill the mad-libbed-like blank.  They make me feel. End of thought.

2. More specifically, her song Moments veritably has some of the best one-line song quotes. Like, ever. To quote Ms. Haber, any song that includes the phrase "charming as fuck" has to be pretty epic. But I mean, really. I want to one-line tweet, like, all the lyrics they're so damn great. 

3. She is sexy as all hell without being trashy. I wouldn't complain if I had to look at her all day long every single day. Damn, girl, werk.

4. Videos. Uh, enough said. In the spirit of keeping this post somewhat approrpriate for all audiences, I'll say this. Watch the video for Habits and, er, you may see what I mean.

5. She is a Swede. And that's just fundamantally bad ass. I suppose I only really know two Swedish artists / bands / what have you (and oh yeah, they both happen to be managed by the lovely Ms. Haber) but both are pretty damn great and because of this, I am going to go out on a totally stereotypical blanket-statement limb and say that all Swedish bands are just cool. I am doing this because, well, I can. It's my blog and I'll stereotype if I want, dammit! 

6. Her manager is my west-coast-band-managing-fierce-as-hell high school friend, Laura. And, well, that's enough right there.

Anyway, since it seems I could go on forever with this list, I will close with #6. 

Don't take my word for this, please check out Ms, Lo (er, and her music ha) for yourself. Happy Thursday, happy Yom Kippur (almost), and happy listening, Bunnies.


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