Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The ABC... you next Tuesdays

Given my very overt recent absence from the wonderful world of writing, I must say that when a witty blog post idea actaully graced my brain, I was sheerly overjoyed!! Happy, joy! Ahem. Okay, but seriously now, Rachel Rabbits. In the spirit of brevity and gettin' right on down to it, here is it, my first intelligent idea in months. I present to you, the ABCs... snark edition.

A is for ass. Sorry so crass.
B is for Bunny. I may be a bitchy one but at least I'm funny.
C is for uh... "see you next Tuesday". No rhyme needed.
D is for dense, makes me hope you ain't breeded.
E is for ego, oh lord, here we go.
F is for fuck, the best of the curses,
G is for gah, how many more of these verses?!
H is for ha, the snarkiest response around,
I is for I, the most selfish pronoun.
J is for jaded, you bet I am,
K is for kewl, a word that ain't no one's jam.
L is for loser, wipe that L off your face,
M is for money, buy me style and grace.
N is for NO, I ain't scared to say it,
O is for Oprah, yup, fierce as shit.
P is for prowl, I'm always on,
Q is for quiet, a trait I don't don.
R is for RBuns(!!), my much better half,
S is for sauv blanc, pour me a caraf.
T is for tight-lipped, I now try to be,
U is for uptight, keep away from me.
V is for valiant, always be a giver!
W is for wah, oh please cry me a river.
X is for just that, we all have them in our pasts,
Y is for youth, oh lord, please bring mine back.

... and now here we are, right a la fin,
Z is for zzz, I'm sleepy. Adieu. The End.

I hope everyone now has a full grasp of the alphabet according to Bunny. Happy Tuesday, y'all.


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  1. I wonder why they don't teach us this in school?! I finally understand how to use the alphabet, thanks Rach! *Warning, viewer discretion is advised*